How Do I Dirty Chat With My Boyfriend Over The Phone?

Dirty Chat With My Boyfriend Over The Phone

5 Tips For Using Dirty Chat On Your Guy On The Phone

Some women are born “dirty talkers” while others spend days on end learning the ropes on how to talk dirty. But is talking dirty as hard as it seems? Well, hard or not, mobile phones have revolutionized dirty talk, and any girl who wants to spice up their sex lives can do it at the click of a button. While there is no magic pill to dirty talk, you need to know a few things for everything to run smoothly and according to plan. Here is how to talk dirty with boyfriend using a mobile phone.

Assume He Was Next YouFor you to feel and create an intimate connection with your boyfriend over the phone, you have to dirty talk him the same way you would if he were next to you. Not only does that achieve faster results but also boosts your confidence. It makes you create dirty images in your mind quickly and speaking them out becomes much easier. If you can vividly picture it in your mind, you have no difficulties saying it! That’s just what it is.

Take Him into Your World… Drag the man along into the world you are visualizing. Do this by using clear words so that he doesn’t have to second guess what you mean or what you are after. Men are easily swayed into thinking about sex given the fact that 90% of them think about sex randomly within the day. If you want to talk dirty with your boyfriend successfully, you have to read from the same script. Taking him into your world might be as easy as moaning and sighing over the phone. When he responds the way you want him to, keep the conversation alive by getting dirtier.

Let Him Talk Dirty Too!… You may not believe it, but sometimes all it takes to get a man to dirty chat with you is to use a few dirty lines on him, and he follows suit. Once your boyfriend has enjoined the conversation, give him some space to talk dirty too. Dirty talking is two way traffic and both of you have to contribute to making it sound sexy and steamy. However, it just sounds sexier to hear him groan on the other end while saying some dirty words to you. In fact, one of the easiest ways to maneuver your way in dirty talk is to let the man give you a sense of direction. That way you will always be on top of things as you will figure out what the next dirty line should be. Here’s some examples to try.

Language of desire to use on your dirty chat

Say it Right… If you want to talk dirty with boyfriend and get him thinking about you the whole day, then you have to tell him what he wants to hear. Thus, it goes without saying that the words you use must not only turn him on, but be the most appropriate words to use at that particular moment. Remember dirty not is not all about sounding like a slut but rather igniting your man’s sexual beast. The phrases must get him the zone within no time and make him want to come over and have sex with you. Talking of saying it right, you must know what pleases your boyfriend and what does not. Not all men will be comfortable with certain words so you must solely stick to what works for you.

Finish On a High… The best way to conclude a dirty chat session is to make sure you leave your man begging for more. You need to create some form of sexual anticipation, and there is no better way to do so than stopping the session when he is feeling hot. You will easily know when to quit from the way he responds to your advances over the phone. When his voice changes and you can tell that he wishes, he was with you know that it is time to end the conversation slowly. That is the only way to have him thinking about you and yearn to have sex with you as well.

Every modern woman is doing it, and there is no reason as to why you should be left behind. Dirty chat with your boyfriend starting today and bring excitement in your relationship. After all relationships don’t have to be boring, but should be fun filled with lots and lots of intimacy.

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