Examples of Talking Dirty

10 Examples of Talking Dirty You Can Use!

Examples of Talking DirtyA lot women need some help and need to see some examples of talking dirty before they can get the courage talk dirty to their man. But the irony is that all of us talk dirty one way or the other, but just don’t recognize it, or don’t want to admit they’re talking dirty.

In giving you some examples of talking dirty, I hope it will help you deepen your relationship…And start your own creative juices flowing. Yet this will hinge on the relationship you have with your man and what kind of passion and intimacy you share.

Another point to remember is, these examples of talking dirty will work well if you are the shy type, or if your new to talking dirty. And if you feel embarrassed when your man asks you to talk dirty to him, or if the word dirty is scaring you, you can rest easy in knowing that talking dirty doesn’t need to be vulgar.

It’s true that a few people will say that you can’t tidy up dirty talk, on the other hand you don’t have to be downright foul or blatantly sexual, even though talking dirty is usually associated with sexual situations and body parts.

examples of talking dirty you can use

Being able and comfortable with talking dirty is a excellent and fun way to strengthen your relationship. So relax, be cool, and delight in the love you share with your man. One thing is for sure you’ll get a lot of self-confidence and have a lot more fun once you practice and get control of the game.

Let’s start with some easy phrases that you can try tonight!

>>>I love it when you kiss me…Particularly when you kiss me right there!

>>>Repeat my name while you do that!

>>>How does this feel to you?

>>>You’re the hottest lover I have ever had.

>>>It drives me loony when you watch me that way

Many examples of talking dirty advise that you should clearly identify precisely what you want your man to do to you and as well what you he would like for you to do to him.

Whether it comes in the form of casual flirting, or a text or phone messages…Telling him how much you desire seeing him tonight, the truth is that there is nothing that can do get your man more in a hurry to see you again than texting him with some dirty texts.

OK…Let’s try some more suggestive phrases…

>>>It drives me crazy the way you use your tongue!

>>>You can do me any way you want.

>>>Don’t stop, harder and harder baby!

>>>You like this, don’t you? You like it when I do this to you?

>>>I love how your cock grows bigger…When I talk to you like this.

And trust me…Once you’ve learned how to…Unleash Your Kinky Side…And have mastered knowing what to say to your man…Use dirty talking in a way that it compels him to stay satisfied and loyal to you.

And once you satisfy him the way he really craves…Your relationship gets stronger and stronger when the sex gets this intimate…Use Dirty Dialogue and create a powerful…Sexual Obsession…And Lust…From your man!

Examples of Dirty Texting…

examples of talking dirty done for you

Men just love dirty talk…Especially when their gal’s talk’s dirty to them. Now with text messaging you can reach out and send your man dirty text messages anytime, anywhere!

You want to create vivid sexual pictures of the things you would like to do to him or things about you that you know drive him wild!

After he gets those images in his mind, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you…And what you’re going to do to him…And will be racing home to you all hot and bothered. Dirty texting also allows you to say what you would normally be too shy to say in person…The perfect ice breaker into the sexual world of Dirty Talking.

I’ve listed 3 Killer tips…

Tip #1: Be very explicit…For instance… Rather than texting, [I love it when you touch me]…Text I love the way you touch the small of my back…It sends shivers up my body.

Tip #2: Be very descriptive use sexy… Intimate words…For instance…Rather than texting, [I love your strong shoulders]…Text I love to feel your hard, muscular shoulders when you wrap your arms around me. Try to use words like…Hard, Throbbing, Horny.

You could try this…I just love to feel your wet tongue kissing my neck and swirling around on my nipples…It drives me wild!

Tip #3: Take an daily, routine, activity and add make it naughty…For instance…You’re shopping for a new belt …Now text your man a sexy text like this…[ Hi honey…Was out shopping…Checking out some sexy teddies…] Now wait a few seconds and text…[ You know the one that you’ve be wanting to see me in…I’m wearing it right now in the change room] Wait a few more seconds…Now text [I’m looking in the mirror…Oh baby I’m getting so horny thinking about how Hard you’re going to be when you see me in this]

See how these sexy texts were very descriptive and made a simple shopping trip hot and sexy? They created a powerful vivid sexual image in his mind that will stay with him and build anticipation of having you as soon as he can.

Sending these types of dirty texts to your man…Will rev up the passion! It’s wicked fun to be able to turn on your man just by sending him dirty and sexy texts anytime and anywhere. He’ll be completely distracted thinking lusty thoughts about you. So you have the texts to use…

Do you want to…Learn The Language of Desire? The Dirty Words to Say That Will Make Him Yours?

examples of talking dirty