Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On

Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On

Admit it or not, text messages are here to stay and the sooner you embrace them to spruce up things in your relationship, the better. I have given you 3 KILLER sexting examples to turn a guy on below. Right left and centre, partners are using texts to create amazing levels of passion…lust and desire.

There is something to texting I find intimate, it could be the ability to capture your boyfriend’s sexual imagination or the convenience that comes with texting. You don’t have to be physically present to tell your boyfriend that you love him or making him sexually aroused for instance.

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You just pick up your phone and send him a phrase that will keep him excited for the rest of the day or night. So, how exactly do you create passion, lust and desire through texts? The answer lies in three things. Knowing when to text, how to text and what to say.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that Men crave to feel intense, committed love. Not having this, he will never fully commit to You.

Sexting Examples If you get either of this wrong, then the reaction you are likely to get won’t be what you were hoping for. The timing has to be right, you can’t for instance send a steamy text to your boyfriend at the time he is most likely in a business meeting or busy at work.

You must frame the text in a way such that the content flows in an easy to understand manner. Thirdly, and most importantly you have to get the words correct. Before we continue, it is imperative to mention that you cannot create passion desire and lust without talking dirty to your boyfriend.

You by now know why it is important to choose the right words so as to get the desired effect on your man without having to sound vulgar. Using texts to create amazing levels of passion…..lust and desire through dirty talk can be fun. Let’s look at various aspects of doing it.

How to turn your guy onHow to Talk Dirty to a Guy over Text…Did you know that talking dirty to guy can be very useful in creating passion, lust and desire needs no emphasis. Texting him some dirty talk over a text can be more romantic. But how do you do it? It starts with knowing what turns him on then creatively assembling that in a romantic way to make him crave for your body.

You can easily get your mans’ sexual attraction if you let him know you like the way he makes love to you for instance. If it’s a move he pulls in bed, let him know it. If it is the look on his face when he achieves orgasm, tell him. By so doing you will not only increase his sexual attention towards you but you will also notice a sudden increase in his sexual desires towards you. How to talk dirty to your boyfriend – what should you say!

Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On…

*** Your manhood, the best any woman would ever want.

*** That style baby, I totally loved it.

*** Yesterday was great; I can’t wait for some more loving tonight.

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How to Please Your Man in a Provocative Way…If your boyfriend says, “Talk dirty to me what do I say?” one of my best lady friends asked me. You have to learn how to be provocative! I simply answered her. Men are like little kids, I joked. They like to hear some sweet words and unleash the emotions that you would rarely see in normal circumstances.

Men simply love women who are good lovers. By this I mean good lovers in all aspects. Nothing impresses a man like a woman who knows how to turn him on. If you want to see the best of your man, try talking dirty to him. His sexual desire will automatically increase without you trying so hard to please him.

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In addition to dirty talk, know how to use other tools to bring him closer to you. Know how to dress in a sexy way once in a while for instance. Work on how you dressing while in the bedroom. Invest in some sexy lingerie for too. Make him crave for you by knowing where to touch him to make him sexually aroused. While using texts to create amazing levels of passion….. Lust and desire can be a good thing, go out of your way to think of other ingenious ways to make him want to be with more and more.

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