What Men Will NEVER Tell You About What They Want In Bed

What Men Want in Bed and Won’t Tell You

what men want in bed Every man has his hidden desires in bed that he will never tell you. However, figuring out what men want in bed is not rocket science. You can easily tell what he fancies by looking how he reacts when you change positions for instance or how he behaves when you kiss his nipples. Below are some secrets that men have in bed that you should know.

Men Want a Girl Who is Not Afraid to Try Out Things

Chances are very high that your man wants to have anal sex with you but because he is not sure how you will react, he would rather keep it to himself. He may want to change the usual missionary position to something more exciting such as the doggie or reverse cowgirl. Your man wishes you stop being too prohibitive in bed and let your sexual prowess show.

How to Quickly Talk Your Man Into A Passionate Frenzy

Take part in sex games and foreplay while teasing him. However, in as much what men want in bed men is a girl who is not afraid to try out things, don’t overdo it. Just keep it simple because you might end up tiring particularly when in a sexual act and leave your man limp instead of excited.

what men want in bed

Men Love a Confident Woman in Bed

Confidence is a key component in every sexual act. As a matter of fact, you can’t try out new things if you are not confident enough. When you are confident, you are enthusiastic about sex and not afraid to try out new things. Men love women who are fit in as well. Work on your flexibility if you want your man to yearn for your body more often. Dress in sexy outfits in the bedroom because men love to watch although they will rarely say it.

Looking good in the bedroom may differ from one woman to the other. However, no matter your preference, ensure that you show your man some flesh. This could be your thighs, waistline or part of boobs. The more flesh you show, the more his desire towards you.

Men Love a Woman Who Fantasizes and Can Talk Dirty

Men think far and wide when it comes to sex. They cherish women who would do the same. Tell him your fantasies because it makes him relish having them fulfilled. Let him know that you lust for good looking men and that he is one of them. At the same time, your guy wishes you could talk dirty to him during sex.

While only a few number of men will tell to talk dirty to them, nearly every man wants to hear their woman say “give it to me”, “I love your dick” or “I want more and more”. Dirty talk makes you look and sound sexy and lets them know you know what men want in bed. It shows that you approve what he is doing to you. Again, just like wearing sexy lingerie, when it comes to dirty talk, go with the phrases that only work for you. You don’t have to sound like a slut, but you could do with a few dirty lines here and there.

Men Love Women Who Don’t Feel Awkward in Bed

The first sex encounter can be cute at times, with all the cute eye-batting and blushing. However, after you have engaged in sex a couple of times, your man wishes that you become confident, open up and feel comfortable. Develop a habit of flirting with your guy before sex to create anticipation. Men don’t want a shy woman who is afraid to express herself sexually. Men want a woman who will grab their asses and spank then while they are at it.

what men want in bed a dirty talking guide

Your guy wants you to go down to him without feeling uncomfortable. He doesn’t want you stare at his penis like you don’t know what he wants you to with it. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make sex look like an awkward, out of this world affair.

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