Are You Pleasing Your Man in The Bedroom?

The Secrets to Pleasing Your Man…His 7 Pleasure Triggers….

pleasing a man in bedThis question pleasing your man in Bed has been asked by many women. If you thought men don’t love being caressed, kissed and nibbled all over like women, think again. A man’s body is full of hidden secret zones that can get him really turned on if stroked in the right manner.

They are referred to as erogenous zones and the more zones you stroke, the more the pleasure. To help you discover some of these zones and how to work them out, here is a comprehensive look at where to touch a man to give him the most pleasure.

Pleasing your man….The most sensitive places on your Man.

Beneath His Penis… The Perineum which is the flesh under the penis all the way to scrotum is the ultimate joy spot for a man. Learn to please your man in bed by stroking and gently pressing along the length of this zone. Don’t be worry, he will love it and he is most likely going to respond with sighs and moans. As a matter of fact you will never go wrong with a guy if you know to work any part below his belt.

The Inner Thigh… The inner thigh is one of the most sensitive parts of a guy’s body. This is where you need to touch Him if your wanting to know the way of pleasing your Man. While you cannot touch your man’s penis until you have really known him well, you can come close to doing it with an aim of letting him know what you intend to do. This is the zone to touch especially if you’re in public places. Stroke the inner thigh without being too apparent. Get close to the penis but don’t touch it. Let the touch be more of a tease than a caress.

pleasing your man tips

The Neck… The neck is laced with a myriad of nerve endings and is very receptive to touch. One of the easiest ways to pleasure a man is by kissing and licking his neck. He will get a feeling that will go down to his spine not to mention that the hairs on his back will stand up. Work your tongue along his neck to arouse his sixth sense.

The Back… Giving him a sensual massage to his back will definitely get him aroused. Just make sure that you give him a firmer touch to make sure he’s really turned on. Discovering how to satisfy your man in bed with the use of your fingers. Give him a light, feathery stroke to tickle him while alternating it with more strong and firm strokes. Don’t forget to be gentle though. Run your fingers from the top of his neck all the way to the trench near his butt. Repeat the motion several times to make sure he is really in the mood.

The Ear… There is nothing that can compare to playing with a man’s ears and massaging his earlobes in the quest turning him on. Place the earlobe between your lips and work the back of the ear with the other hand. Just do it like you’re fooling around and before you know it, he will be groaning with pleasure. Pull his ear and whisper little naughty words to him. Your hot breath into his ears will leave him even more turned on.

The Arches of His Feet… This is a very sensitive part not only for men but women as well. However, it is more sensitive especially for men. It therefore goes without saying that the next time you get intimate, learn how to satisfy your man by giving a little more attention to the feet more so the arches and you will be amazed at what happens.

pleasing your manThe Face… Touching some parts of the face will make you endeavor on how to pleasure your man greatly successful. The face is laced with quite a number of sensitive areas. Apart from deep kisses, the lips would do with some skillful touches. Run your fingertips along the lips or inside the mouth. This is not only erotic but surprising as well. The area that connects with the nose with the lips is full of nerve endings too, touch it in an intimate way would certainly leave your man burning with desire.

These are the hot zones in your man’s body that are overly receptive to touches. Follow the tips given here and you will be on your way to great sexual encounters with your man. Remember, like I mentioned earlier, the more zones you work out, the more successful you will be in turning him on, the more intimate the sex. I hope this has answered your question “pleasing your man in bed” completely.

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