4 Testicle Massage Tips to Blow His Mind

Using These Testicle Massage Tips to Take it To The Next Level

Testicle Massage Tips

Did you know that Men’s Testicles are a very tender and equally sensitive area. Use these 4 testicle massage tips and watch his response!  If you’ve ever watched a football match involving men you won’t fail to notice how they guard their balls using their hands when there is a free kick. Movie lovers have probably seen how men react when their balls are hit. This illustrates just how sensitive testicles are.

With this in mind, a good number of ladies are afraid to rub and fondle their men’s testicle for the fear hurting them. The truth is massaging a man’s testicles is incredibility easy. You don’t have to be a qualified masseuse to give a good testicle massage. However before you embark on pleasuring your man through rubbing his balls, there are a few tips you need to know;

The Testicles are extremely sensitive… This needs no emphasis. That a guy gets uncomfortable when anybody makes any motion towards or around his testicles should be enough to tell you how sensitive their balls are. It requires total care to rub and stroke a guy’s balls without hurting or causing pain to him. The fact is it’s the sensitivity of this area that pleases men when you stroke and massage them.

Remember that sex is not all about the testicles. While it’s important that you give him pleasure by rubbing his balls, you also need to remember that they’re other areas that need attention as well in regards to pleasing your guy. Work out his erogenous zones as you massage his balls to drive him crazy.

Here’s the 4 Testicle Massage Tips that will  Blow His Mind!

Start slowly… You certainly don’t want to jump at your man’s testicles unannounced. The best approach is to start by gently kissing your man’s lips as you slowly run your hands through his chest, down to his crotch while he still has his clothes on. Don’t apply too much pressure. Keep it as minimal as you can. Never mind that you haven’t come into contact with his balls yet, he will certainly feel the pressure. He will take pleasure in your actions and will definitely love it.

Get intimate… After you have put him in the right frame of mind about what is about to come, go ahead and unzip his trousers before hovering your hand over his underwear. Repeat the motion as described above but remember this time your fingers are almost in contact with his testicles. Go ahead and dip your hands inside his briefs to finally reach for his goodies. Now that you have them in your hands, do the following;

· Squeeze gently: After holding the balls in your hands for a couple of minutes, proceed to cup them before squeezing them gently. Be sure to check the way he reacts so you know if you’re being too hard on him.

· Bottom- up: Another technique you can use is to place your hand at the bottom of his testicles, then gently and slowly running your fingers from the bottom of his balls all the way up to the penis in a single motion.

Testicle Massage Tips

Use your mouth and lips… It’s not all about the hands when it comes to massaging a guy’s testicles. You can include your mouth and lips by doing the following;

· Kissing them: This is perhaps the most straightforward thing you can do with your lips; kiss and give his balls little, teasing kisses.

· Whoosh and whirl: Besides your lips, you can use your tongue to massage each of his balls, one at a time. You can whirl them around your mouth as well. Be careful here so that you don’t use your teeth by accident, you certainly are not ready for the eventualities.

· In and Out: One of the ways you can really stimulate your man’s ball is to suck them gently, and whilst they are still in your mouth, draw away from him. As you pull away, his testicles slide out of your mouth. If you pull this move softly and gently, be sure that you will be delivering untold pleasure to his balls.

Incorporate other techniques… Like previously mentioned, testicle massages are not all about balls alone. Shift from massaging his balls to kissing his inner thigh to hand jobs to blowjobs. This way you will increase the pleasure.

A man’s testicles will certainly respond to a soft massage now and then since that’s one of the ways on how to please a man in bed. Don’t hesitate to learn how to talk dirty, this only makes you a tigress that your man would love to see in bed. Use these Testicle Massage Tips and get the best out of your man sexually.

Testicle Massage Tips