Womens Lingerie Color…Does the Lingerie Color Really Matter?

womens lingerie color

The Top 5 Womens Lingerie Color and What it Says About You

Womens lingerie… I think you’ve heard many times that men say the best present for them is a woman they love. This is true and lots of us use this idea to make the occasion the most amazing and memorable. It is easy and doesn’t cost you much but you need to choose some nice lingerie to gladden your beloved and drive him absolutely mad with your terrific look. Send Him One of these Sexy Text Messages before He sees you and really blow His mind!

When selecting lingerie you should think twice and the first thing to consider is the feelings you wish to provoke. Do you want him to be tender? Passionate? Romantic? Admirable? When you know exactly what you need, set off for a lingerie store.

Red womens Lingerie

Red & burgundy. Red lingerie is thought to be the hottest and sexiest. Men lose their heads oon as their beloved don something in these hues. It’s nice-looking, tempting and dramatic.

If you want the night to be filled with passion and crazy love-making this color is the perfect choice for your lingerie. Try any designs and styles, this color makes all of them look fantastic!

Black womens Lingerie

Black. When you want to look extremely sexy but at the same time highly romantic black color will work best. Black womens lingerie in this season can be made in various designs.

You can choose the retro chic of the 50s with a high waist or a classic sexy satin set.

Super trendy sheer fabrics will look fantastic and very seductive – your smooth tender skin will be seen through it.

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White womens Lingerie

White and Beige. If you want to arouse some tender feelings leaving bright eroticism somewhere behind white or milky hues will become nice options. These tints convey no sexual aggressiveness and you will rather look naïve and innocent wearing such a set. Lace, embroidery and tiny embellishments will make white lingerie very exquisite and cute.

Beige. Women have different attitudes towards this color relating to lingerie. It looks pretty but has some disadvantages. For example, it goes so close to the skin color that your wonderful curves will not be much emphasized, and as a result such sets are not as tempting as the ones made in other hues.

However, luxurious materials look great in this color, these include silk and satin. Contrast of textures looks interesting as well. For instance, when you combine smooth fabrics with fleecy and velvety ones. Lace and ruches look too vulgar and you better opt for chic elegance. Flesh colors for lingerie are great for one more reason: they are versatile and can be worn with nearly all types of clothing. This is very important since modern designers pay so much attention to transparent materials.

Floral womens lingerie

Florals. Some women think floral prints or floral embroidery looks too simple and ordinarily; others consider them tasteless; but if you look carefully at the models which are offered to us now you’ll understand that all what was said before is a complete nonsense.

Mostly these designs include tiny romantic flower embellishments that look very cute and sentimental.

But there are more radical variants too. For instance, a few huge and very bright real-looking flower embellishments on panties and bras. So, when you go to select a lingerie set for a special night with your boyfriend or husband all you should do is to understand what image you wish to create.

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The rest of the things will be easy to determine. Good luck, ladies…