How to Use Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT!

Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT

Using dirty text messages is contrary to what most women think, you don’t have say anything weird or act like a porn star to turn your man on. Dirty talk is a very strong tool that can be used to reignite your love life.

However, you need to know how to do it well in order to get the desired results. Like previously mentioned, it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. If you want to dirty to you man with an intention of making things hot in the bedroom, then its high time you went through these 10 dirty talking tips to ignite your love life

Here’s 10 Tips to Keep Your Dirty Text Messages HOT!

Be spicy… The most essential thing to dirty text messages when sexting your man is using naughty texting in a way that adds excitement in your relationship. Instead of saying “make love to me” you can substitute that with “give it to me “instead.

Don’t do it Very Often… If you keep talking dirty to your man every day it might sound boring and lose the desired effect in the long run. You can do it once or twice every week.

Be Fresh and Creative… You have to be creative with your dirty text messages with your boyfriend or husband for that matter. You have to keep changing content every now and then to keep him interested.

Be Mischievous… While it is important to be sincere in whatever it is you are saying to your boyfriend, being a little mischievous is greatly encouraged. You will keep your man guessing on what to expect from the next hottest dirty texts. It is this anxiety that will keep him interested.

Use Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT

Be as Descriptive as Possible… Dirty talk is an essential part of any relationship if you want to keep the intimacy flame alive. However, to avoid being misunderstood, it is important to use very graphic words so as to avoid ambiguity.

Be Comfortable… You don’t have to use words that you are not comfortable with all in the name of talking dirty to your man. If you are not comfortable saying “dick” for instance you can say “manhood” instead. You can have a conversation with your partner to find out which words he may not be comfortable with as well.

Remain Nasty… You may not be comfortable with certain words but that doesn’t mean taking away the nasty aspect from dirty talk. Being nasty and sexy is part parcel of dirty text messages and should always remain that way.

Learn to Create Sexual Anticipation… Dirty talk is about building up anticipation and making your man long for your body. It’s about sexy images of your body in His mind and hence the need to know to create sexual anticipation and to start that sexy conversation.

Timing… One of the reasons why most dirty talk dialogues end up going bad is because they are initiated at the wrong time. If you know your boyfriend’s weekly schedule then you are certainly aware of when he is most likely to be in the right frame of mind for dirty talk

Keep it Interesting… You have to learn how to keep your dirty text messages interesting by using detailed sexting. In a nutshell you must know how to start a sexy conversation and how to keep it flowing. Start by testing the waters then go with the flow of things.

It takes two to tango, so they say. You must take the initiative to dirty talk to improve your sex life now that sex is an essential component of every situation. Dirty texting your guy will go a long way in unleashing his sexual potential and is therefore encouraged. Remember to play by dirty talk rules.

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