How to Use Detailed Sexting to a Guy

Sexting to a Guy

Some say the art of sexting is inborn while others claim that you have to learn it. Irrespective of which notion you decide to go with, detailed sexting to a guy is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do in a relationship. What holds may women back is the fear of being judged by their men.

Unlike the old days, it’s now even much easier to dirty talk your man thanks to the advent of mobile telephony. That Smartphone you’re holding in your hand could be the secret weapon that you have been ignoring to arouse your man’s sexual desire.

Below are simple and practical tips showing precisely how to use detailed sexting to a guy via text.

Detailed Sexting to a GuyStick to the Words that Work for You…
I must admit that we are all different. I may not have a problem sending my guy a certain word, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be comfortable using it. When talking to a guy using sexting messages, it is imperative to stick to what works for you.

You don’t have to use dirty words that you cannot utter using your mouth. Also, you should only send texts that will give you the desired results. It’s not advisable for you to keep on sending dirty texts that your boyfriend is not responding to the way you would want.

Master the Art of Waiting for a Response, One Word at a Time… Most women, particularly those you don’t know or are just learning how to send detailed sexting to a guy via text make one big mistake. They are not as patient as they should be. The art of dirty texting is all about being patient. It’s more or less like a wait and see game.

When you send him a text, don’t reply until he does. In doing so, you will never be caught off guard, and you will know which direction to steer the conversation. When you’re impatient, not only do you risk losing track of the conversation but you risk irritating him as well. Remember, one word at a time, and you will get what you want.

Focus on Him… One of the easiest ways to win your man over when sexting is to turn the spotlight on him. Make the whole conversation about him. Try as much as you can to make him feel flattered. I guess one of the reasons why you want to learn how to talk dirty to a guy via text is so that you can know his hidden sexual secrets and desires.

When the focus shifts on him, it is very easy for him to express himself. The man will tell you everything you want to know about his sexual desires if you show him that you’re really concerned about him. You can mention about how much you like his penis, and how you fantasize making love to him often.

Let Him Know What You’re Going to Do… The more you learn how to use detailed sexting to a guy, the easier it is for you to say what you want. If you’re at an advanced stage of talking dirty, you do know that telling a man what you will do to him instantly arouses his sex drive. The fact that you’re talking to your man through the phone gives you the leverage to say what you want without fear. Thus, use all the dirty phrases you’d want as long as they are working for you. Tease his brain to create sexual images of you.

Sexting Your GuyThe more you arouse him, the more the anticipation created. You should also remember that the reason you’re talking dirty to him in the first place is to make him attracted to you sexually. What a better way than giving him a hint of what awaits him when you meet.

How to Use Detailed Sexting to a Guy to Expose His Secret Obsession!

With a little creativity, it’s very easy to talk any guy into sex. All you have to do is have a wide variety of line to use on him. You should also know what to say when he uses certain words on you. In other words, the quest of learning how to talk dirty to a guy via texts starts by learning how to keep the conversation going. You might take comfort in the thought that men love dirty talk, so go ahead, and give it a shot.


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