How to Turn Your Boyfriend On With Text Messages

What are The Best Text Messages to Turn Your Boyfriend On?

How to Turn Your Boyfriend On With Text Messages“Is it possible to turn my boyfriend on with text messages? “A friend of mine asked me recently. “Yes, it is quite easy to turn on your boyfriend on with text messages if you know what to say” I said in response.

You have to start by making him feel good about himself by flattering him. If you make a man feel good about the way he looks for instance, you will not only get love in return but you will have succeeded in making him want to be with you for long. You have to be very careful with the words when it comes to turning on your boyfriend on with text messages. You have to lay the right strategy in order to keep the conversation flowing.

How to Really Turn Your Boyfriend on with Dirty Texts

Start by establishing how he is doing and most importantly where he is. This is very crucial since it helps you know how to start the dirty conversation. If you man is working for instance you can ask him “Hun what time will be home?” This will keep him guessing what it is you want to do with him when he gets home. Be sure that he will send you a text immediately the leaves his work place and it’s upon you to create the necessary anticipation before he gets to the house.

Start with what I like to call “mild” dirty text messages as way of testing the waters and intensify the dirty talk as you get deeper into it. It is important to test the waters as it helps you establish whether your boyfriend is ready for dirty talk. The best way to ensure that he always gives you positive feedback is by spacing the number of times you engage in dirty talk with him.

Make sure that each and every dirty talk ends in something very sensual. After you have managed to turn him on through texts you can take it a notch higher by calling him over and engage in “phone sex”. This is done as the ultimate killer punch to make him achieve orgasm.

Call him over and start groaning over the phone to make him imagine what it would be like if he was there with you. You can use phrase like “oh yeah” or “I like that” kind of phrases. Make sure that he is really turned on and is most likely masturbating.

Naughty texts to Turn Your Boyfriend On10 Dirty  Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation…It is not possible to talk about how to turn your boyfriend on with text messages without citing various examples of dirty text messages to start a steamy conversation with your boyfriend.

This will give ideas on what to say when it comes to setting the right stage for a very hot exchange with your man.

While it may sound like turning on your man through text messages is a daunting task, it is important to mention that all it takes is seducing your guy to establish sexual expectation in addition creating the right images in his mind.


Here is a list of 10 dirty messages to start a steamy conversation with your man:

· I am in nothing but your t-shirt.

· Did I make you horny last night when I sent you that dirty text?

· Please tell me I am your sexual fantasy.

· Do you remember the first night we had sex?

· Breakfast in bed; how does that sound?

· What was that look on your face when you reached orgasm in the morning.

· If you get here I know I will be satisfied.

· You have never told me what is your favorite sex position.

· Which is you favorite pornographic movie.

· I wish I knew you earlier; I was missing out on great sex!

There is a belief among some women that all you need to do to start a sexy conversation with any man is tell him a naughty phrase and he will be more than willing to engage in a sexy conversation. This notion is somewhat true. If you don’t trust me, send him any of the above dirty text and you will like the kind of responses you get.

Use texts to sexually arouse your boyfriendDirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver…You have him where you want him to be. He is responding to your dirty texts instantly which mean that you have succeeded in starting a sexy conversation. But did you know that starting a sexy conversation alone is not enough to make him quiver? As a matter of fact, it is easier to start a sexy conversation than maintaining it.

Maintaining a sexual conversation with a man calls for having enough knowledge in using dirty texts to create passion…lust and desire. It is requires skills to keep him entertained while at the same time making him long for your body. It is about getting really dirty with a man if you want him to tremble over dirty text messages.

Here are a few very explicit dirty text messages to a guy to leave him sexually thrilled:

· I love your cock, perfectly sized for me.

· Its rather hot today, a glass of you would cool me down.

· Sex with you is the best ever.

· I am really missing you between my legs.

· I am naked in front of the mirror and my body is calling for you.

· Will you lick my body tonight?

· I will give you a hand job tonight and I am sure you will love it.

That dirty talk is essential in every relationship needs no emphasis. Sending dirty sex messages is part and parcel of modern relationships, therefore encompassing it in your relationship is very paramount. If you learn dirty texts to send to a guy, then you can rest assured that you will have him around your arms for very long. For those women who may have a problem knowing what to say, a romantic novel or movie would come in very handy.

You can also ask your man what are his sexual desires and fantasies and compose dirty text messages that revolve around that. You don’t have to feel awkward when having a naughty conversation with your man through text messages. Use dirty text messages to continually seduce your man as this is will keep his attraction towards you intact.

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