Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver

Using Dirty Texts on Your Man….
Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver

I and my girlfriends decided to do an all-girls night out last weekend. We decided to have a girl talk, discuss our love live, our boyfriends and most importantly our sex lives. We sat on a round table ordered for some drinks and go right into the conversation.

How is sex with your man? One of my friends asked me. Great! I answered. “I discovered how to turn him on and make him want me and me alone”. I continued. How? The girl sitting next right to me asked.” I devised ways of creating sexual fantasies through dirty talk”and dirty texts I said.

I was beginning to sense that all of my friends were leading horrible sex lives with their boyfriends. “How do you even start talking dirty to your man? The third girl asked “aren’t you afraid that he will misjudge you and consider you a slut?” she continued. What was supposed to be a discussion was fast turning into a question and answers session with all the four girls asking me questions and waiting for answers from me.

Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverI decided that before the end of the night I will pass valuable information that was geared to improving each and everyone’s sex life. “You have to know your man, know his sexual desires and fantasies and work towards fulfilling them” I started. One of the proven methods that work like magic is dirty texts.

All men love engaging in dirty talk more so if you give them the slightest hint you want to initiate it. “If you want to make your man tremble over a dirty texts you have to lay emphasis on the timing” I told them. “That’s where it starts” I added. “You have to know when your man is free and when he is most likely to be at home doing nothing” I said to them.

Let me now give you a few examples of dirty texts that will make your man quiver:

· I can’t wait to be with you tonight.

· Do you like the way I make love to you?

· What’s the one thing about me that turns you on?

· You are my sex machine.

· You taught me how to make love; tonight I will show you how much I have learnt.


Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverNaughty Text Messages to Send to a Guy…“Wow! That sounds very easy and creative” one of the girls said. I could read the amusement t on her face. “Is that all?” the girl sitting to my opposite direction asked. “There is so much to talk about dirty talk and dirty texts” I told her.

“Dirty texts are all about teasing a guy while complimenting him at the same time” I continued. “Try complimenting your guy about his physical qualities you like and you will be surprised about how easy it is to create sexual connection with your guy.

Here are some dirty text messages you can send a guy:

· I love your broad chest.

· I like the way you embrace with those powerful arms.

· Your six packs turn me on.

· Did I tell you that I find your eyes very sexy?

· There is something about your face that I find very sexy; is it that sexy pair of dimples or the sideburns?

“You see? Tell me which man won’t be fascinated by these dirty text messages?” I asked them. “None” they said in unison. I loved that I was having an impact in their sexual lives and I was not about to stop. I delved straight into the next topic.

Dirty texting to your man10 Dirty Text Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation…“If you want to be successful in having a dirty dialogue, you have to start on the right footing” I told them. “You have to be very careful at the words you choose to start a sexy conversation” I added. How you start is very important as it sets the pace for the rest of the conversation. You have to keep it as engaging as possible.

To help you through here are….

10 dirty text messages you can us to start a sexy conversation with your guy:

· Don’t do too much in the gym, save the energy for the night.

· What about me and you naked in the Jacuzzi.

· I am on my way to your place and I forgot to wear my bra.

· I am trying a thong at the shopping mall.

· I love your ass in that pair of tight jeans.

· If you bring the pole, I will pole dance for you.

· I had a very tiring day, I want a massage.

· My roommate is not around today; let’s have a party for two.

· I loved the kiss you gave me in the morning; I hope you will be here tonight to finishing what you started.

· I have no movies to watch tonight, what can we do in the dark?

Dirty talking texts

“All these are perfect lines to start a sexy conversation with your guy as you have noticed they all require an answer” I said.” Once you notice he is getting the hint from the way he responds, put your creativity hat on to keep the conversation flowing” I added.

How to Turn Your Boyfriend on with Text Messages…“I am starting to understand dirty talk and dirty text messages and how this phenomenon can help improve my sex life” said one of the girls. “I am glad that the message is passing across as intended” I retorted as I gave a broad smile to all of them.

“While I appreciate that it’s not that hard to talk dirty to my boyfriend over text, how do I makes sure that he gets turned on?” asked the girl sitting next to me. “That’s very easy as well”. Follow the following tips.

· Initiate the sexy conversation using the right words.

· Mean what you say and don’t use dirty text messages to play with his mind.

· Ensure that he actively participates in the conversation.

· Once he gets the gist, take the conversation to the next level by making it very steamy. This is done by using very evocative words to create the right imagination in his mind.

· Make sure that you finish strong. It’s not hard to know when he gets turned on; if he is very suggestive then you have succeeded to turn him on. Make sure the conversation ends in both of you touching your bodies. Don’t turn him on and leave him hanging.

It was past midnight and we all most leaving. “How can we thank you for the valuable information?” They asked. “You don’t have to thank me, that’s what friend s are for” I said. With all these information using naughty texts to create passion…lust and desire is now within your reach. As we parted way I couldn’t help but notice the glow on each of girls’ faces.

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