Sexy Text Messages – 6 Tips to Keep Your Sexy Texts Hot!

6 Tips For Sending Sexy Text Messages That Will Get His Attention Fast!

Sending sexy text messages is one of the most convenient ways of conveying sexy thoughts to your man. However, getting his attention instantly may not be as easy. You need to play by the rules particularly if you’re sending him sexy text messages whose content cannot be termed as normal. Before we look at some of the texts you can send you man and get his instant, undivided attention.

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Follow These 6 Tips to Create Hot Sexy Texts For Him!

Let the Texts Have Some Wit… Sexy texts should be used to deliver an intimate perspective of your thoughts. They should be steamy and, well, sexy. However, that is not all there is. In fact, besides being intimate, your messages should contain some humor. There’s nothing that can be as sexy as a dirty text containing some wit. Humor extends the longevity of dirty conversations.

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Go With the Flow… Every time you start sending him sexy text messages over the phone, it is imperative to discern the direction in which the conversation is headed to. Once you have established the direction, ensure that each reply is meant to take the conversation further. Following the flow creates a connection between you and your man and keeps both of you entangled in the conversation.

Frequency Matters… Don’t expect that he will instantly respond to your text all the time. Learn to wait until he replies so that you can send him the next message. Love text messages are all about bringing the love and intimacy out of your man so you need to know the frequency of sending them. If he doesn’t reply, give him some time and wait for his response. The last thing you want is to start a sexy conversation only for it to fail or leave him irritated.

Don’t Complicate It… Contrary to what many women think, sexy text messages don’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the text messages, the better. If you want to grab his attention quickly, use simple, easy to understand phrases. Keep them short as well. As the conversations deepen, you can make the texts longer and more intimate. Use dirty words to create sexual anticipation and arousal as well. In other words, start simple and get dirtier as you head to the conversation’s “climax”.

Turn the Spotlight on Him… Your man will respond to a sexy text in a flash if the content praises or flirts with him. Just like women, men can do with some praise just to boost their ego. The praises are more welcomed if they are coming from the women they love. Try telling your man he has cute eyes, and you will see what I mean when I say men love it when the spotlight is shining on them. Praising your guy through sexy text messages is also an excellent way to make him feel loved and appreciated.

Sending a sexy text messageGuys Love to Be the Hunters… Men love chasing their women. They love to get things they have worked for. If you want fast attention from your man over text, be mysterious and elusive. That is the surest way to win and keep his concentration quickly.

When you remaining elusive, you man becomes curious and wants to dig out more about what you are doing, how you are feeling and so on a factor that keeps the conversation alive.

Examples of Sexy Text Messages that Will Grab His Attention in an Instant:

• Hey sexy!
• How is my man keeping?
• I am in that sexy mini-skirt you love
• I miss you
• I wish you were with me right now
• Loving you is all I want to do
• If you are in those tight jeans, you must be looking so hot right now
• I have a surprise for you
• Do you feel lucky to be loved by me?
• I don’t think anybody else would love me better

As you have noted, the above texts are short and flirty. Most of them focus on him, which should be the case always. Remember the primary aim of sending him these texts is to ensure he responds within the shortest time possible. Don’t forget to add a dirty twist to your messages. Dirty text messages are always sufficient to not only win his undivided concentration but trigger his sexual desires as well. Come on, grab your phone, send him a sexy text right now and increase the bond between the two of you!

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