How to Use Text Messaging to Create Sexual Tension

Text Messaging to Create Sexual Tension

Are Your Texts Creating Sexual Tension?

Sexual tension is what two people feel for each other when they meet or even are talking on the phone, or heck, texting each other. With lives getting busier and time becoming lesser, it becomes difficult to meet on a daily basis and even talking on the phone becomes a once in 2 day’s scenario. So how do you keep the sexual tension alive? How do you make sure that your partner is thinking about you even when both of you aren’t in personal contact?

Well the only thing you can use in the little time you get every day is use text messages to keep that fire burning. This article brings to you cool tips on how to use text messaging to create sexual tension. Go through this one and become an expert in kindling that fire in your crush for you and soon you would both be not getting enough of each other.

Tip 1: Keep it cool in situations he would expect you to get nervous…

Before you can make him mad for you, make sure you don’t get mad easily. Now, imagine a hot guy walking up to you in sexy attire and asking you if you want him. What would you do? Skip a beat, drop jaw, and start stammering? If yes, then forget it. She would be gone by the time you recover.

However, if you can calmly take his hand into yours and escort him through your bedroom, then he’s is all yours. So the key is, don’t show him how intimidated you are by him with a simple text. Well, give him the compliments and the little pushes, but know where to draw the line from the point you start the conversation. So don’t instantly react when you know he is pointing there on text.

Dirty talking to create sexual tension

At the same time, don’t get out of it either. Keep it maintained and kind of change the direction, he won’t take it as a no but would rather be intimidated by your gentleman behavior. This helps you to create the sexual tension right there at the first place.

Tip 2: Don’t tell Him Everything…

Now, don’t start texting him the very next day of meeting him. Give it a minimum of two days and then text him. You can start the first text with something that would bring an instant smile on his face and once he replies, you would instantly know from his reply as to how he liked the joke. You can then take it on accordingly. Also, build the curiosity in your texts. Keep him curious about you. Curiosity is the key in helping build sexual tension in a man.

Don’t tell everything about yourself and at the same time don’t let him get suspicious either. And please, keep your texts open ended and not to the point. They are getting to know you better, please try and know them better. The moment they know that you are interested in nothing but sex, forget sexual tension, you might have a tense situation with them.

Tip 3: Be the cool girl you are…

Remember, men hate girls who pretend. And someday or the other, it would come out. So please do not pretend. Be your real self. It is in fact more difficult to pretend when you are texting as he can know from your words what you are thinking.

creating sexual tension with words

Once he knows you are not fake, he would like it. It will turn him on to know the real you (unless the real you is a bore) and he would be rather fascinated by your moves then as those are by a real woman and not a dummy doll.

Tip 4: The Flirting…

Please keep the flirting healthy and at the same time make sure you don’t get friend zoned. Compliment him the way he would read your text and blush. Now mind it, make him blush not disgusted. For instance, if you want to compliment his ass, write “I can imagine how many girls must have been sleepless that night” and not something like “Oh! I would kill someone to get a grab on that booty”.

You see the difference words make? Yes, they make an impact on a man.

These four useful tips on how to use text messaging to create sexual tension should help you make the fire of desire burning in most of the guys you like and soon you would find him begging you for the next date. Yes, then you hit the iron. Right when it’s Hot!!!

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