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8 Hot Examples of Dirty Text Messages to Wake His Sexual Stallion…

Using dirty texts messages to arouse your manAs I got older, I realized that dirty text messages really got my guy excited! I was not afraid to explore my sexual prowess anymore. Whether it was the changes happening in my body or my brain, my desire for sex increased as I got past the age of 25. On the contrary, I was dating a man who wasn’t so ready to show his sexual side to me.

I decided to take the initiative and take the ball to his court. I had to find ways of turning him on so that his sexual desire was at the same level as mine. I went on a rampage looking for hot texting examples, and it wasn’t long before he towed the line.

Here are a few things I learnt for dirty text messages.

Don’t Relent Until You Get What You Want… Some men are slow in giving response to dirty text messages. Some love it but some do not, that is just how it is. Make no mistake that does not mean that they do not think about sex. In fact, some quarters argue that the average guy will think about sex a couple of times every day.

dirty text messages

If your man does not respond to your texts as he should, keep sending them to him until he can comfortably engage with you in a naughty text exchange. You can never arouse your man’s sexual desires if having an intimate conversation over the phone is a problem. Send him naughty texts over and again until he can engage in dirty talk with you freely. That is the first step towards triggering his sexual senses.

dirty text messages that workStay Nasty and Nice at the Same Time… Gather as many hot texting examples as you can and let the content of each message vary. You should have explicit sexy text messages and other that that not so explicit. Send distinct messages depending on the direction and tone of the conversation. If the exchange of dirty text messages is hot and steamy, go for the dirtier phrases, and if you are doing it for fun, you may send him the“less” dirty texts.

When I was starting out, I used to engage my guy in a dirty game and pick it up from there. As he got used to it, I would sometimes take it straight to him by saying something like “I am so wet!” or “If I were there I would make you so hard”. Either way I would frame my phrases in such a way that he will be so turned on by the end of the conversation and have fun while at it.

Here is a look at eight hot texting examples that I used to send my guy.

* I just cannot tell the reason behind it, but I want to have sex right now.

*I had a dream having sex with you at the balcony by the full moon.

* If you can correctly guess the color of my panties, you can be sure I will give a sensual blowjob when you get here.

* Today you were looking so hot, I felt like making out with you in public.

* I always get weak when your tender lips kiss my lips.

* Today I will wear the sexiest lingerie just for you.

* How does the idea of spending the whole Sunday in bed sound to you?

* I miss your tight embrace.

Dirty text messages with the language of desire

As you notice from the above dirty texts, there are those that are out rightly nasty and other not so nasty. To avoid sound boring or too predictable, mix the messages, and you may give them a spin depending on how deep you want to go with your man. You may not have hot texting examples at your fingertips especially if you are just new to dirty talk. However, that should not worry you since there are so many resources you can get them from including blogs, magazine and erotic novels just to name but a few.

“What to Say to Become His Sexual Fantasy

You always compose dirty flirty text messages based on your man’s behavior in bed. Men are easily turned on by words that remind them of how good they are in bed or how they behave during sex. For instance, try telling your guy “I liked the way you groaned” or “The way you bite and close your eyes makes me so turned on” and you will be surprised at how such lines can trigger their sexual arousal.

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