Cute Texts For Him to Spice up Your Relationship

Using Cute Texts For Him to Ignite His Passion

Cute Texts For Him to Spice up Your RelationshipIt’s not easy to find a good boyfriend. So using some cute texts for Him is very important. They say all men are the same but this is not true. There are good men out there and if you were lucky to grab one count yourself lucky and strive hard to maintain and keep him. To achieve this, you always need to make him feel loved and appreciated, give him space to exercise his authority and never make him appear small.

Always remind him of how much you love and care for him by sending him messages…cute boyfriend texts, cute quotes, flirty pictures, funny passages. This is another way to brighten his day and of course making him think of you all day long.

With your cute texts for Him, you need to keep them short and straight to the point. Long texts seem to be boring and at times senseless. You can actually send a short text and sparkle something in him and this is the way to go about.

There is a message shortening technique that has really gained popularity; “U” for you, “2” for to “831” for I Love You and many more. This actually makes things easy and your message will be delivered to its recipient without changing its meaning.

Take a look at these cute texts for Him. You can also send any of these to him whenever you have none in your mind.

>>> I Love you- this is by far the most popular of all the cute boyfriend texts.

>>> Muah!!- A simple word for kiss.

>>> XOXO- to mean Kisses and Hugs.

>>> You will always be on my mind my love.

>>> I would love to spend the whole day with you tomorrow.

Now imagine using some Dirty Dialogue in your texts!

sending cute texts for him daily
With a few simple words you can create a Sexual Obsession in your man…He’ll have an Insatiable Lust For You…And Only You!

Here’s some more cute boyfriend texts to try.

>>> At times my eyes get jealous of my heart. Guess the reason why? Because babe you are always close to my heart but far from my eyes

>>> I never thought I could ever fall in love this much.

>>> I can’t get you out of my head.

>>> Whenever I am with you, my world seems perfect.

>>> I love you very much…more than you could ever imagine.

>>> You are my drug. I am so addicted to you.

If You Want To…

>>>> Blow your man’s mind giving Him the hottest sex of his life…

>>>> Have Him fantasize about you…

>>>> Make him desire you like never before…

>>>> Re-ignite the sexual passion again your relationship…

Or have your way with ANY guy whenever you want…And knowing which words to send him…To keep you on his mind

Discover the secrets to Dirty Talking right now!!!

dirty talk with cute texts for him

Some more cute texts for Him…

>>> If falling in love with you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.>>> You are always the reason why I breathe, but at times you get me breathless.

>>> Whenever you feel like kissing, just know that it’s all because of the flying kisses which I have sent you.

>>> I can’t really explain in words how I feel about your but when I see you or hear your voice, all that I can put in words is that “I love the feeling.”

>>> Please make an appointment with me in my dreams.

>>> You will always be the love of my life.

Communicating to your boyfriend through cute texts for Him is the most effective way of expressing your feelings to him. Make it a habit that a day never ends before sending him any of the above cute boyfriend texts. These are just a few, you can even think of other cute messages and send him either in the morning, daytime or before you sleep.