8 Sexting Tips to Text Him into Bed

8 Sexting Tips to Make Your Sexts Red Hot and Exciting!

sexting tips to Create PassionDo you need some sexting tips? The night is here; you are tucked in bed feeling all sexy and horny. The problem is he is not here with you. He is catching up with his favorite TV show and you very well know that getting him to cuddle you up will take more than “I’m horny” text.

This might sound like a “mission impossible” but thanks to sexting, getting you man from the couch to bed is as easy as tapping your Smartphone. Beware though, you have to get it right from the word go if you are going to complete your mission successfully.

Here are sexting tips that will get you what you want.

1. Lay Your Strategy Out… Before you even start the journey to bring him to bed, you must know how to do it and what moves to play. It is more or less getting the direction or laying the groundwork. You know your man’s soft spots and what can trigger him into thinking about sex. Once you are done, it is time to set the ball rolling.

2. Start By Teasing Him… Teasing your man is not only the easiest, but the simplest way to get his attention. Send him sexy text messages that will make him start losing concentration in what he is doing. If he is watching a movie for instance, ask him about the actresses in the film, the ones he finds sexy and why. That way, you will slow but surely start to make his mind wander away from what he is doing.

sexting tips to get your guy hot for sex

3. Pull the “I Wish” Line… One of the most powerful sexting tips that have worked for me is the “I wish” phrase with a dirty connotation. It is also the easiest phrase to use when you want to start a sexy conversation. Let him know how you wish he were in bed with you. Chances are that he will react by asking you what you would have done to him which in essence will bring closer to the bed.

4. Get Dirty… You now got him where you want him to be; the only thing remaining is to get him off the couch and into the bedroom. Take the game a notch higher by sending him naughty text messages. This will immediately give him a hint of what you want in case he hasn’t got it yet.

5. Initiate Foreplay… Here come the fifth of the many sexting tips. Once he is responding to your dirty messages, initiate foreplay over text. Do this by using dirty words that will leave no doubt in his mind on what you want. This is the stage where you make him hard. It is the times to make him seriously contemplate on leaving whatever it is he is doing to come and join you.

Hot sexting tips

6. Get Explicit… Men understand and love dirty talk more so when it is explicit. The dirtier you get, the closer he will be to the bed. Steamy text messages will do it at this point. Use words such as clit and dick to trigger his sexual desires. Remind him how hot past sexual encounters have been and let him know the same awaits him should he make his way to the bed right away.

7. I’m So Horny… As you edge closer to completing your mission, let him know how turned on you are. Tell him how wet your pussy is and how hard your boobs are. Note the words used at this stage are what we would term as overly dirty. The reason for telling him about how horny you are is to let him know you wouldn’t mind having him for the whole night if he wants you to.

8. Invite Him… By now he is turned on and already anticipating what awaits him in bed. What a better way to bring him over than to invite him to come and get it. With all the anticipation created, don’t be surprised if he takes microseconds to get to the bed. When he is finally there, give it to him like you promised to.

You may have noticed that all these sexting tips point to one thing; the ability and know how to talk dirty. It thus goes without saying that you must know a few hot texting examples to make it easier for you. Such examples can be found in love magazines or websites dedicated to love and sex.

sexting tips and the language of desire

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