Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Using Dirty Texts On a Guy

Dirty Text Messages to Send to a GuySo just how POWERFUL are the Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy? Especially if that Guy is your guy or a guy you want to Ignite the passion in!

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Maybe your using dirty text messages to send to a guy to… Arouse His OBESSION with you!! If your able to AROUSE His Secret Obsession with you He will do anything to Please You!

Dirty text messages to arouse your man

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The sexts for him you send MUST relay an UNCONTROLLABLE sexual desire for Him! And for him alone…That’s the leverage you’re going to use in your Dirty Text Messages! You can use this exact same leverage with phone calls too…But that will be another article.

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The beauty of using sex messages fo him is the FACT that He CAN’T have you right then and now! This gives you incredible sexual power over Him…Particularly since it’s in his very nature to WANT what He can’t have!

That ability to put a sexual fantasy into his mind with very suggestive texts will have Him so worked up with anticipation for YOU. You get Him worked up by telling Him HOW turned on you are RIGHT NOW and you want Him so bad….Which creates an almost uncontrollable desire in Him to have you RIGHT NOW.

The real cool thing about it is you can blame Him for the uncontrollable sexual desire you’re having right now. It’s the very thoughts of Him Having you RIGHT NOW are what’s causing You to behave like a BAD GIRL. After all you’re Sweet and Innocent!

How Powerful Are Talking Dirty and Sending Dirty Texts?

Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverBefore I go into some dirty text messages to send to a guy….I have to tell you a secret. I was very shy and never wanted my guy to know I had desires to be the Bad Girl…That I knew He wanted! Thank goodness for “Felicity Keith ” the author of Language of Desire amazing guide for those Women who want to arouse that lost Sexual Passion again! In her eBook  she reveals the secrets to TALKING DIRTY and DIRTY TEXTING.

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using dirty talking on a guy

Dirty Text Messages are basically put into 5 categories….

Carnal Confessions, Kinky Questions, Bad Girl Basics, Dirty Desires and Dirty Dynamite.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about each….”Felicity” covers them completely in Her eBook.

Carnal Confessions….These type of Dirty Texts are basically reflecting the effect your guy has on you. They should have the effect of making you come across as SWEET and INNOCENT.

An example would be…. ”Just thinking about your big manhood deep inside of me is making me really wet”

Kinky Question’s… These Dirty Texts will get your man hot and excited and obsessed with having sex with you! They also give Him an opportunity to tell you what He wants to do to you.

Here’s one to try… ”How do you want me to touch or???? To make you cum?

Bad Girl Basic’s… These Dirty Texts are taking it further….Using descriptive language that packs a PUNCH!

Try this… ”I’ve been really BAD….Now you will have to punish me with C**K!!

Dirty Desires… Have you ever been so HORNY and want your man soooo….BAD? These Dirty Texts will have him wanting you RIGHT NOW!

Dirty Sex Talk – How To Talk Erotically Dirty To Your Man.

While dirty texting send Him this text… “Please STOP now! I can’t get anything done, your making me so HOT and WET. I need you to fill my hole NOW!”

Dirty Dynamite…Use Dirty Test Messages blame Him for you bring soooo….Turned On!

Here’s a text that will blame Him… ” You are a REALLY bad boy…I’m going to the washroom to finger myself….

As you can see Dirty Texting is simple using Dirty Talk without being in person…. It’s no surprise why Men love Dirty Talk… Just a few simple Words or Texts can ignite his Passion for you!!

The 3 things that sending Dirty Text Messages will do for you!!

  1. It will Stroke his Male ego…
  2. It will ignite his Passion and Sexual Fantasy’s…
  3. It will create an unspoken bond….

Is your MAN not showing the interest in you as much as He once did? Is He looking at other Women more?

Do you want to Arouse the Sexual Passion Again? If you answered YES… Get a copy of “Felicity’s guide… DIRTY DIALOGUE right now and you will get his attention…

Sending Dirty Test Messages to a Guy

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