3 Sexting Examples for Him to Get His Attention!

Sexting Examples for Him Need some sexting examples for him? There is something about sexting a guy that makes it special. Whether it is the convenience that comes with it or the sheer thought that you can you can pass dirty messages to guy without feeling embarrassed. You can hide behind your phone to engage in dirty talk with a guy without having to worry about who sees how you blush.

However not all incidences of dirty talk that go down well which is mostly attributed to getting the basics of dirty talk wrong. You need to know how to talk dirty to a guy through sexting in order to create the intended impact which is creation of sexual tension and eventual anticipation.

Sexting Examples for Him

Try and Be Creative and Avoid Sounding Too Obvious… You can easily do this by being artistic when composing the dirty content. For instance instead of saying “I like the way you kiss me” you can say “I find irresistible the feel of your wet lips on my neck and the way you give me little bites on my earlobes. It makes me go wild”! Instead of saying “I love your muscular shoulders” try “I like the feel of your firm, powerful shoulders when you wrap your arms around my body“. You see! Using well thought out words to make dirty talk sound more sexy and intimate.

Sexting Examples for Him to Get His AttentionBe Explicit… Do not mince your words. Be clear and straight to the point to avoid ambiguity. For instance instead of sending him a text that reads” I love the way you touch me” you can be more explicit by texting “your tender touch makes me weak in the knees. It makes me tremble”. It is imperative to mention that if you know how to talk dirty to a guy through texting you will remain attractive to virtually any man as guys are naturally attracted to women who talk dirty.

Creatively Add Dirty Talk to an Everyday Activity… If you want to dirty talk a guy it is much easier if you add a dirty twist to an everyday activity that you are engaged in. For instance if you are at the shopping mall, you can send him a text that reads “hey Hun I am in the shopping mall and I have just spotted very sexy teddies”.

Send him that and wait for a couple of second to create expectancy then add the naughty twist to it by sending him another dirty text that reads “I am holding one of the sexy teddies that has a tiger print and it makes me wonder what animal you are when I am wearing a sexy teddy”. Now, that will create the necessary atmosphere for sexual anticipation.

sexting examples for himDirty texting a guy is fun especially if you get a corresponding response. It makes you learn how to please your man in a provocative way since he slowly lets you wander into his sexual desires and fantasy. As a woman who is seeking to build a strong exciting relationship with a guy, you need to embrace the dirty texting practice. You will love the impact it will have on him. Use the sexting examples for Him I have highlighted and He will love it!


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