26 Examples of How to Sext a Guy

How to Sext a Guy Into a Sexual Frenzy!

Many of us would love to have hotter sex… a more intense orgasm, or want to improve our relationship. I guessing you want to know how to sext a guy to spice things up. Basically it’s all about using dirty texts to reveal our deeper sexual desires.

How to Sext a Guy

But if you’re like a lot of ladies you don’t want to come across as a slut or a bad girl. Sexts for Him are about getting Him to anticipate sex with you when you’re apart. Using these texts I have listed below is also a good way on how to make Him horny thru text!

Here’s 6 Sets of Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On.

1] The first set on sexts for Him are “Request Sexts”.

* I really need you Right Now!

* What are you thinking while you’re masturbating?

* My breasts want your warm hands.

* I wish you were deep inside of me.

* Oh Baby…Stick it in my mouth.

* I want it ruff tonight.

2] The second set on how to sext a guy is “Fantasy Sexts”.
How to send fantasy sexts

* I would like to have my best friend join us tonight…

* I was a bad girl and need a spanking…

* I was getting wet imaging you masturbating in front of me…

* I was thinking about anal sex, wonder what it is like…

3] The third set is how to tease Him with texts.

Dirty Dialogue

* I’m in the Walmart washroom fingering myself…wishing it was your big cock teasing me!

* I just got out of the shower and my breasts are bouncing as I’m drying them.

* Was thinking it’s time we try something daring this weekend.

* I had a dream you nailed me in the parking lot….

4] Fourth is talking about some past memories.

* Last weekend was awesome…I came so many times.

* Remember when I licked you like a lollipop?

* The long weekend at my parents… What a rush when you nailed me while I watched Dad cut the grass.

5] Sending Him compliments via text.

* I can’t wait to see your hot sexy body again.

* I can’t stop thinking about you….I’m getting really wet again.

* I’m going nuts here…I need your cock!

* I just can’t stop thinking about you…I’m losing control!

Sometimes when you’re thinking about How to Sext a Guy you just don’t know what to say.

Well here’s some texts on How to make him horny thru text.

* Your naughty messages are making me so distracted!

* What cologne are you wearing?

* Tell me about your fantasies….

* Can’t wait till tonight…What do you want to do to me?

* Talk dirty to me….I love that!

How to sext a guy, is about how to make Him horny thru text….By using the right sexts on Him you can drive Him crazy! Now combine these naught texts with some sexy lingerie and applying some dirty talking and will turn your Guy into a raging sexual stallion….and I’m sure your OK with that!

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