15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

I never thought I would ever need the hottest texts to send to a guy

Most of us can’t contemplate the thought of our men cheating on us. The irony is, we do very little to make sure that it doesn’t happen, yet we get so hurt when it occurs.

When I heard that men need to be nursed like little kids to keep them committed to a relationship and never stray, I thought it was some kind of a sick joke until it happened to me!

“The #1 Weird Thing Men are Secretly Obsessed With”

Robben was my boyfriend and I took it for granted that he would never cheat on me. We were in a perfect relationship and there were no signs of him getting interested in other women. This is where I lost it; I got so carried away and stopped doing the little things that I was doing. After all he has promised to marry me, never mind that he never gave me and engagement ring to cement his words.

The more I stopped being his fantasy the more we drifted apart. He started flirting and talking dirty to other women. It was at this point that I decided to get my man back! I had to send some of the hottest texts to send to a guy! Blow Him away with these naughty texts to get Him hard

For any woman who may be in a situation like mine, here are hot and steamy text messages to send your man. They are so hot that he will keep his concentration on the phone and keep his eyes off other women!

15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

  • I was in a hurry when going to work I forgot to wear my panties.
  • I am so wet; I need you inside of me.
  • When the thought of making love to you crosses my mind, I touch myself.
  • You are so good when we do the doggie style.
  • Do you remember how I made you come yesterday? Well, brace yourself, tonight I will triple that!

15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

Try these Naughty Sexting Examples too!

  • You are so hot and sexy; I can’t wait to lick your…
  • No one has ever made love to me the way you do.
  • You are so hard, I love it this way.
  • I can’t wait to get on top of you.
  • Your wish is my command, what would you love me to do to you tonight?
  • Which is the most memorable sexual encounter with me? (When he answers, ask him this) would you like to relive that moment?
  • I will be your car tonight; I will let you drive me to orgasm.
  • I love the way your hot, steamy body feels when you lie next to me.
  • I am longing for that look on your face when you come.
  • I will strip naked in front of you and even pole dance for you tonight.

Call it dirty talk but that is what it took to spice up my sex life and get my man back. If you man says “talk dirty to me” don’t ask what do I say? Any or a couple of these hot and steamy messages to send to your man is all your need. Discover how to send the hottest texts to send to a guy as well. It only makes it easier for you.


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