10 Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on By Text

Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on By Text

If your looking for some naughty sexting examples to arouse your guy than read on… They say getting a man hard is one of the simplest things to do if you know which cards to pull. But is it as simple as it sounds? While some quarters may have varying opinions, there could be some truth in that sentiment particularly when you consider the fact that men think more about sex than women. With that in mind, learning a few naughty text messages could be all you need to do to turn your man on almost at will. Here as some of the rules to play by for the desired and instant results.

Naughty sexting examples guys secretly wantAppreciate His Sexiness… Over the years, if you knew how to use detailed sexting to a guy, turning Him on was easy. Flirt with any man and edge towards his sexiness and you will be surprised how making a guy hard is a straightforward affair. You don’t have to praise him overly.

It is the simple, sexy words that make all difference. Telling him he is hot plays a big role in increasing his testosterone levels. One of the best ways of appreciating his sexiness is by letting him know that you can stop thinking about his body, lips, biceps, and dick and so on.

Tell Him Your Body Yearns for Him… Tell the guy you want to have sex with him and how badly you are turned on and don’t be surprised if he pays a cab to your place. There is something about telling a man that you are turned on. The mere thought of how you behave when you’re horny is enough to arouse any man’s sexual desire. When you send dirty text messages letting him know how your body aches for him, his manhood can’t help but get aroused. Some of the phrases to use include telling him that you are “wet or how hard your nipples are“. You may also tell him what you are wearing by using such phrases as a “lacy thong”. Be sure to try one of the naughty sexting examples I have listed below!

Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on

Create Dirty Images in His Mind… It is very easy to arouse him if you use sexy text messages to create dirty images in his mind. This is done by using descriptive words and avoiding ambiguity. For instance, you can narrate a story of how you had sex with him recently and how he made you feel.

In so doing, you will be making him reminisce the whole experience, and create clear, erotic images in his mind and the process make him hard. You may use phrases like “when your dick slipped into my wet pussy, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure and ecstasy.When you sucked my boobs and licked my clit, my body became weak and I couldn’t wait for you to get into me.” Such hot steamy story lines will indeed leave his manhood aching for your body.

Get NaughtyNaughty text messages have a way of getting into a guy’s sexual system. If you use the words correctly, this could one of the easiest ways of arousing virtually any man. The only thing to remember with sexy texts is that you need to get the timing and the replies right. You need to figure out how to make him interested over and again because that is what makes all the difference.

Here is a look at 10 hot naughty sexting examples to kick start the quest to make your man hard over the phone.

* I sexy, you dick is so satisfying.

* Do you miss my tight pussy?

* How does a blowjob sound tonight?

* I want you inside me right now.

* I look forward to lying in bed with you making sweet love.

* How do you want it tonight love?

* I love when your tongue flicker my hard nipples.

* When you spread my legs and rub your dick against my clit, my whole body shivers.

* I am naked and so horny right now.

* If you were here, I would have sucked your dick until you come.

Here’s some Sexting Examples to GRAB his attention RIGHT NOW!

There are no two ways of making a man hard using naughty text messages. You have to be as explicit as possible. Remember the primary aim is not to make him aroused only but make him as hard as well. You also need to know how to start a sexy conversation and maintain it. Start using the naughty sexting examples given to  really get your Guy aroused! Once you have figured what triggers him sexually, satisfying him becomes an easy affair.

Naughty sexting examples that will arouse Him


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