10 Dirty Text Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation

 Using Dirty Text Messages in a Sexy Way

Dirty text messages for HimMost of us are engaged in daily activities that leave us with little or no time to talk to our boyfriends over the phone and most importantly send Him some dirty text messages. Most women have adopted texting as a way of keeping up with what is happening in their guy’s lives. Dirty texts can encourage attraction between two people and can increase intimacy in a relationship.

Dirty and naughty texts are part and parcel of every relationship to keep alive goals that most couples have. Dirty text messages are a perfect addition to a relationship when the initial excitement has died down. They can be used to rekindle romance in addition to keeping the spark between you and your boyfriend alive.

You don’t have to keep dirty text messages complicated. Try and keep them as self-explanatory as you can. While it may not be difficult to compose dirty messages, using them to start a sexy conversation is a bit challenging and requires some tact. Before we look at 10 dirty text messages to start a sexy conversation, let’s look at of essential things you should know.

2 Tips For Sending Dirty Text Messages

Don’t do it Every day…It is important to stay fresh and unpredictable with dirty text messages. You must keep this in mind when starting a dirty conversation through messaging. If you keep sending dirty texts to your boyfriend every day, then the whole exercise might lose its power to amuse and turn on your boyfriend.

A good strategy to employ is to do it once or twice every week. Make sure that every message he receives is a pleasant surprise. This way you will always sound fresh and it’s easy to keep him interested in dirty talk.

Be Naughty and Nice at the Same Time…Just like mentioned above, you need to make sure that the content of you dirty messages varies. If you send him a text today of what you are going to do with him in bed, then you can send him a text that is less suggestive the next time you start a sexy conversation. By using content that varies, your man will never know what to expect.

Below are 10 dirty text messages to start a sexy conversation

Dirty texts to start a conversation· I have seen something hot that has made me think of you.

· Which underwear would you like to see me in tonight?

· Would you get mad if you learnt that I made out with a girl?

· I don’t know what has come over me; I just want to have sex

· Would you have sex with me in public?

· I am so damn horny; I wish you here.

· Tonight I plan to wear the short dress that you love.

· If you were to choose between oral and anal sex for the rest of your life what would be your choice.

· What would you say if I suggested we spend the whole Sunday in bed having sex?

· What is the dirtiest thought that has ever crossed your mind when we are together?

You notice that these text messages to send to a guy are composed of very naughty and mild messages. This is a very powerful tactic to get your man’s attention towards starting a sexy conversation.

How To Turn Your Boyfriend on with Text Messages…Starting a sexy conversation is not enough to make your guy turned on. You have to keep the conversation flowing. The more he gets involved, the more explicit you become. Nonetheless it’s not a daunting task to arouse your man through text messages. Making him yearn for your body is as simple as sending him dirty texts that will make him quiver. Let’s now look at how to do it and what to say.

Really Excite Him With Your Dirty Texts

Dirty texts to tell Him He's sexyRemind Him That He is Sexy…There is nothing that turns on a guy like telling him that is sexy and that you really love his body. Telling him that he is sexy goes a long way in making him feel good at himself which by extension means heightened levels of confidence. You can concentrate on his physique or how good and sexy he looks in a certain outfit

Tell Him You are Naked…This is a very powerful dirty text that will turn on virtually any man. It makes him imagine of how you look when naked. You can assist him in his imagination by using more descriptive words like “I am butt naked” or “I am from the shower and very wet” and such like phrases.

Tell Him You are Horny…Text any guy telling him you are horny and the first thing that comes to his mind is how he could satisfy you needs right there and then. You can go ahead and initiate foreplay to arouse him. You can send him a text saying something like “the thought of you beside me turns me on” or just plainly tell him you are horny.

Ask Him a Mischievous Question…If you are stuck on what to say to turn him on, you can always ask him a naughty question that will leave him tuned on. Start by being mild then be more explicit as the conversation heats up. You can start by asking “ which part of me turns you on?” then follow that with a dirty text reading something like” would like to come and suck my boobs right now?”

Dirty texts with a naughty picture for HimSend Him a Naughty Picture…Send him a nude picture and you will get him aroused very easily. If you are really shy about sending him a naked picture of yourself you can send him a suggestive picture with a very naughty caption. You can send him a funny cartoon displaying his favorite sex positions. If you don’t want to go nude send him a picture of your thigh or a cleavage. That will send his blood running and within no time he will be really turned. It is easy

to turn a man on through naked pictures since men are physical creatures and are quickly enticed by what they see.

Dirty texts are widely becoming acceptable world over as a way of adding eroticism to a relationship. If you know how to do it using dirty texts to create passion…..lust and desire may not sound like something very difficult. It is important that you embrace “sexting” because that the way most couples are using nowadays to keep the intimacy at an all-time high in their relationships. The above mentioned 10 dirty texts to start a sexy conversation are certainly enough to help you start “sexting” you guy right way.

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