How to Use Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT!

Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT

Using dirty text messages is contrary to what most women think, you don’t have say anything weird or act like a porn star to turn your man on. Dirty talk is a very strong tool that can be used to reignite your love life.

However, you need to know how to do it well in order to get the desired results. Like previously mentioned, it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes all the difference. If you want to dirty to you man with an intention of making things hot in the bedroom, then its high time you went through these 10 dirty talking tips to ignite your love life

Here’s 10 Tips to Keep Your Dirty Text Messages HOT!

Be spicy… The most essential thing to dirty text messages when sexting your man is using naughty texting in a way that adds excitement in your relationship. Instead of saying “make love to me” you can substitute that with “give it to me “instead.

Don’t do it Very Often… If you keep talking dirty to your man every day it might sound boring and lose the desired effect in the long run. You can do it once or twice every week.

Be Fresh and Creative… You have to be creative with your dirty text messages with your boyfriend or husband for that matter. You have to keep changing content every now and then to keep him interested.

Be Mischievous… While it is important to be sincere in whatever it is you are saying to your boyfriend, being a little mischievous is greatly encouraged. You will keep your man guessing on what to expect from the next hottest dirty texts. It is this anxiety that will keep him interested.

Use Dirty Text Messages to Keep the Sexting HOT

Be as Descriptive as Possible… Dirty talk is an essential part of any relationship if you want to keep the intimacy flame alive. However, to avoid being misunderstood, it is important to use very graphic words so as to avoid ambiguity.

Be Comfortable… You don’t have to use words that you are not comfortable with all in the name of talking dirty to your man. If you are not comfortable saying “dick” for instance you can say “manhood” instead. You can have a conversation with your partner to find out which words he may not be comfortable with as well.

Remain Nasty… You may not be comfortable with certain words but that doesn’t mean taking away the nasty aspect from dirty talk. Being nasty and sexy is part parcel of dirty text messages and should always remain that way.

Learn to Create Sexual Anticipation… Dirty talk is about building up anticipation and making your man long for your body. It’s about sexy images of your body in His mind and hence the need to know to create sexual anticipation and to start that sexy conversation.

Timing… One of the reasons why most dirty talk dialogues end up going bad is because they are initiated at the wrong time. If you know your boyfriend’s weekly schedule then you are certainly aware of when he is most likely to be in the right frame of mind for dirty talk

Keep it Interesting… You have to learn how to keep your dirty text messages interesting by using detailed sexting. In a nutshell you must know how to start a sexy conversation and how to keep it flowing. Start by testing the waters then go with the flow of things.

It takes two to tango, so they say. You must take the initiative to dirty talk to improve your sex life now that sex is an essential component of every situation. Dirty texting your guy will go a long way in unleashing his sexual potential and is therefore encouraged. Remember to play by dirty talk rules.

The One Simple Formula to Trigger a Man’s Desire

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15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

I never thought I would ever need the hottest texts to send to a guy

Most of us can’t contemplate the thought of our men cheating on us. The irony is, we do very little to make sure that it doesn’t happen, yet we get so hurt when it occurs.

When I heard that men need to be nursed like little kids to keep them committed to a relationship and never stray, I thought it was some kind of a sick joke until it happened to me!

“The #1 Weird Thing Men are Secretly Obsessed With”

Robben was my boyfriend and I took it for granted that he would never cheat on me. We were in a perfect relationship and there were no signs of him getting interested in other women. This is where I lost it; I got so carried away and stopped doing the little things that I was doing. After all he has promised to marry me, never mind that he never gave me and engagement ring to cement his words.

The more I stopped being his fantasy the more we drifted apart. He started flirting and talking dirty to other women. It was at this point that I decided to get my man back! I had to send some of the hottest texts to send to a guy! Blow Him away with these naughty texts to get Him hard

For any woman who may be in a situation like mine, here are hot and steamy text messages to send your man. They are so hot that he will keep his concentration on the phone and keep his eyes off other women!

15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

  • I was in a hurry when going to work I forgot to wear my panties.
  • I am so wet; I need you inside of me.
  • When the thought of making love to you crosses my mind, I touch myself.
  • You are so good when we do the doggie style.
  • Do you remember how I made you come yesterday? Well, brace yourself, tonight I will triple that!

15 of the Hottest Texts to Send a Guy

Try these Naughty Sexting Examples too!

  • You are so hot and sexy; I can’t wait to lick your…
  • No one has ever made love to me the way you do.
  • You are so hard, I love it this way.
  • I can’t wait to get on top of you.
  • Your wish is my command, what would you love me to do to you tonight?
  • Which is the most memorable sexual encounter with me? (When he answers, ask him this) would you like to relive that moment?
  • I will be your car tonight; I will let you drive me to orgasm.
  • I love the way your hot, steamy body feels when you lie next to me.
  • I am longing for that look on your face when you come.
  • I will strip naked in front of you and even pole dance for you tonight.

Call it dirty talk but that is what it took to spice up my sex life and get my man back. If you man says “talk dirty to me” don’t ask what do I say? Any or a couple of these hot and steamy messages to send to your man is all your need. Discover how to send the hottest texts to send to a guy as well. It only makes it easier for you.


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10 Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on By Text

Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on By Text

If your looking for some naughty sexting examples to arouse your guy than read on… They say getting a man hard is one of the simplest things to do if you know which cards to pull. But is it as simple as it sounds? While some quarters may have varying opinions, there could be some truth in that sentiment particularly when you consider the fact that men think more about sex than women. With that in mind, learning a few naughty text messages could be all you need to do to turn your man on almost at will. Here as some of the rules to play by for the desired and instant results.

Naughty sexting examples guys secretly wantAppreciate His Sexiness… Over the years, if you knew how to use detailed sexting to a guy, turning Him on was easy. Flirt with any man and edge towards his sexiness and you will be surprised how making a guy hard is a straightforward affair. You don’t have to praise him overly.

It is the simple, sexy words that make all difference. Telling him he is hot plays a big role in increasing his testosterone levels. One of the best ways of appreciating his sexiness is by letting him know that you can stop thinking about his body, lips, biceps, and dick and so on.

Tell Him Your Body Yearns for Him… Tell the guy you want to have sex with him and how badly you are turned on and don’t be surprised if he pays a cab to your place. There is something about telling a man that you are turned on. The mere thought of how you behave when you’re horny is enough to arouse any man’s sexual desire. When you send dirty text messages letting him know how your body aches for him, his manhood can’t help but get aroused. Some of the phrases to use include telling him that you are “wet or how hard your nipples are“. You may also tell him what you are wearing by using such phrases as a “lacy thong”. Be sure to try one of the naughty sexting examples I have listed below!

Naughty Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy on

Create Dirty Images in His Mind… It is very easy to arouse him if you use sexy text messages to create dirty images in his mind. This is done by using descriptive words and avoiding ambiguity. For instance, you can narrate a story of how you had sex with him recently and how he made you feel.

In so doing, you will be making him reminisce the whole experience, and create clear, erotic images in his mind and the process make him hard. You may use phrases like “when your dick slipped into my wet pussy, I couldn’t help but scream in pleasure and ecstasy.When you sucked my boobs and licked my clit, my body became weak and I couldn’t wait for you to get into me.” Such hot steamy story lines will indeed leave his manhood aching for your body.

Get NaughtyNaughty text messages have a way of getting into a guy’s sexual system. If you use the words correctly, this could one of the easiest ways of arousing virtually any man. The only thing to remember with sexy texts is that you need to get the timing and the replies right. You need to figure out how to make him interested over and again because that is what makes all the difference.

Here is a look at 10 hot naughty sexting examples to kick start the quest to make your man hard over the phone.

* I sexy, you dick is so satisfying.

* Do you miss my tight pussy?

* How does a blowjob sound tonight?

* I want you inside me right now.

* I look forward to lying in bed with you making sweet love.

* How do you want it tonight love?

* I love when your tongue flicker my hard nipples.

* When you spread my legs and rub your dick against my clit, my whole body shivers.

* I am naked and so horny right now.

* If you were here, I would have sucked your dick until you come.

Here’s some Sexting Examples to GRAB his attention RIGHT NOW!

There are no two ways of making a man hard using naughty text messages. You have to be as explicit as possible. Remember the primary aim is not to make him aroused only but make him as hard as well. You also need to know how to start a sexy conversation and maintain it. Start using the naughty sexting examples given to  really get your Guy aroused! Once you have figured what triggers him sexually, satisfying him becomes an easy affair.

Naughty sexting examples that will arouse Him


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Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy

Using Dirty Texts On a Guy

Dirty Text Messages to Send to a GuySo just how POWERFUL are the Dirty Text Messages to Send to a Guy? Especially if that Guy is your guy or a guy you want to Ignite the passion in!

Welcome to My site….It’s all about using Dirty Text Messages, Dirty Talking, Seduction, Lingerie and Sexy Dresses. Any thing that will help you with re-igniting that FIRE and PASSION back into your relationship! Be sure to “BOOKMARK” this site. I will be adding to it weekly. Just hover over the black menu bar at the top of the page for the drop down menu to find what you need! If your in a rush and NEED some help fast….

Maybe your using dirty text messages to send to a guy to… Arouse His OBESSION with you!! If your able to AROUSE His Secret Obsession with you He will do anything to Please You!

Dirty text messages to arouse your man

Here are the Hottest articles….

What Men Will NEVER Tell You About What They Want In Bed

Take Your Lovemaking From Dull and Boring to…Hot and Exciting!

Examples of Talking Dirty…You can use Right Now!

8 Hot Texting Examples to Wake His Sexual Stallion

The sexts for him you send MUST relay an UNCONTROLLABLE sexual desire for Him! And for him alone…That’s the leverage you’re going to use in your Dirty Text Messages! You can use this exact same leverage with phone calls too…But that will be another article.

In a Hurry? Click Here to see the First Practical, Step-by-Step Blueprint for “Dirty Talk For Women No Matter If You’ve Never Even Moaned In Your Life!

The beauty of using sex messages fo him is the FACT that He CAN’T have you right then and now! This gives you incredible sexual power over Him…Particularly since it’s in his very nature to WANT what He can’t have!

That ability to put a sexual fantasy into his mind with very suggestive texts will have Him so worked up with anticipation for YOU. You get Him worked up by telling Him HOW turned on you are RIGHT NOW and you want Him so bad….Which creates an almost uncontrollable desire in Him to have you RIGHT NOW.

The real cool thing about it is you can blame Him for the uncontrollable sexual desire you’re having right now. It’s the very thoughts of Him Having you RIGHT NOW are what’s causing You to behave like a BAD GIRL. After all you’re Sweet and Innocent!

How Powerful Are Talking Dirty and Sending Dirty Texts?

Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverBefore I go into some dirty text messages to send to a guy….I have to tell you a secret. I was very shy and never wanted my guy to know I had desires to be the Bad Girl…That I knew He wanted! Thank goodness for “Felicity Keith ” the author of Language of Desire amazing guide for those Women who want to arouse that lost Sexual Passion again! In her eBook  she reveals the secrets to TALKING DIRTY and DIRTY TEXTING.

Take a look right now….Trust me you WON’T be disappointed! Well worth the investment and He never has to know!

using dirty talking on a guy

Dirty Text Messages are basically put into 5 categories….

Carnal Confessions, Kinky Questions, Bad Girl Basics, Dirty Desires and Dirty Dynamite.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about each….”Felicity” covers them completely in Her eBook.

Carnal Confessions….These type of Dirty Texts are basically reflecting the effect your guy has on you. They should have the effect of making you come across as SWEET and INNOCENT.

An example would be…. ”Just thinking about your big manhood deep inside of me is making me really wet”

Kinky Question’s… These Dirty Texts will get your man hot and excited and obsessed with having sex with you! They also give Him an opportunity to tell you what He wants to do to you.

Here’s one to try… ”How do you want me to touch or???? To make you cum?

Bad Girl Basic’s… These Dirty Texts are taking it further….Using descriptive language that packs a PUNCH!

Try this… ”I’ve been really BAD….Now you will have to punish me with C**K!!

Dirty Desires… Have you ever been so HORNY and want your man soooo….BAD? These Dirty Texts will have him wanting you RIGHT NOW!

Dirty Sex Talk – How To Talk Erotically Dirty To Your Man.

While dirty texting send Him this text… “Please STOP now! I can’t get anything done, your making me so HOT and WET. I need you to fill my hole NOW!”

Dirty Dynamite…Use Dirty Test Messages blame Him for you bring soooo….Turned On!

Here’s a text that will blame Him… ” You are a REALLY bad boy…I’m going to the washroom to finger myself….

As you can see Dirty Texting is simple using Dirty Talk without being in person…. It’s no surprise why Men love Dirty Talk… Just a few simple Words or Texts can ignite his Passion for you!!

The 3 things that sending Dirty Text Messages will do for you!!

  1. It will Stroke his Male ego…
  2. It will ignite his Passion and Sexual Fantasy’s…
  3. It will create an unspoken bond….

Is your MAN not showing the interest in you as much as He once did? Is He looking at other Women more?

Do you want to Arouse the Sexual Passion Again? If you answered YES… Get a copy of “Felicity’s guide… DIRTY DIALOGUE right now and you will get his attention…

Sending Dirty Test Messages to a Guy

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Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On

Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On

Admit it or not, text messages are here to stay and the sooner you embrace them to spruce up things in your relationship, the better. I have given you 3 KILLER sexting examples to turn a guy on below. Right left and centre, partners are using texts to create amazing levels of passion…lust and desire.

There is something to texting I find intimate, it could be the ability to capture your boyfriend’s sexual imagination or the convenience that comes with texting. You don’t have to be physically present to tell your boyfriend that you love him or making him sexually aroused for instance.

Not getting the Results you want from your Guy? Is He not responding to you? It’s not your fault!! Watch this short video and FIND OUT what your Man is going to Obsess Over!

You just pick up your phone and send him a phrase that will keep him excited for the rest of the day or night. So, how exactly do you create passion, lust and desire through texts? The answer lies in three things. Knowing when to text, how to text and what to say.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that Men crave to feel intense, committed love. Not having this, he will never fully commit to You.

Sexting Examples If you get either of this wrong, then the reaction you are likely to get won’t be what you were hoping for. The timing has to be right, you can’t for instance send a steamy text to your boyfriend at the time he is most likely in a business meeting or busy at work.

You must frame the text in a way such that the content flows in an easy to understand manner. Thirdly, and most importantly you have to get the words correct. Before we continue, it is imperative to mention that you cannot create passion desire and lust without talking dirty to your boyfriend.

You by now know why it is important to choose the right words so as to get the desired effect on your man without having to sound vulgar. Using texts to create amazing levels of passion…..lust and desire through dirty talk can be fun. Let’s look at various aspects of doing it.

How to turn your guy onHow to Talk Dirty to a Guy over Text…Did you know that talking dirty to guy can be very useful in creating passion, lust and desire needs no emphasis. Texting him some dirty talk over a text can be more romantic. But how do you do it? It starts with knowing what turns him on then creatively assembling that in a romantic way to make him crave for your body.

You can easily get your mans’ sexual attraction if you let him know you like the way he makes love to you for instance. If it’s a move he pulls in bed, let him know it. If it is the look on his face when he achieves orgasm, tell him. By so doing you will not only increase his sexual attention towards you but you will also notice a sudden increase in his sexual desires towards you. How to talk dirty to your boyfriend – what should you say!

Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On…

*** Your manhood, the best any woman would ever want.

*** That style baby, I totally loved it.

*** Yesterday was great; I can’t wait for some more loving tonight.

Need more sexting examples to turn a Guy on? Check out my page DIRTY TEXTING for the latest Sexting Examples….

How to Please Your Man in a Provocative Way…If your boyfriend says, “Talk dirty to me what do I say?” one of my best lady friends asked me. You have to learn how to be provocative! I simply answered her. Men are like little kids, I joked. They like to hear some sweet words and unleash the emotions that you would rarely see in normal circumstances.

Men simply love women who are good lovers. By this I mean good lovers in all aspects. Nothing impresses a man like a woman who knows how to turn him on. If you want to see the best of your man, try talking dirty to him. His sexual desire will automatically increase without you trying so hard to please him.

The “Go Ahead” Signal That Makes Him Obsessed With Winning Your Love

In addition to dirty talk, know how to use other tools to bring him closer to you. Know how to dress in a sexy way once in a while for instance. Work on how you dressing while in the bedroom. Invest in some sexy lingerie for too. Make him crave for you by knowing where to touch him to make him sexually aroused. While using texts to create amazing levels of passion….. Lust and desire can be a good thing, go out of your way to think of other ingenious ways to make him want to be with more and more.

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3 Sexting Examples for Him to Get His Attention!

Sexting Examples for Him Need some sexting examples for him? There is something about sexting a guy that makes it special. Whether it is the convenience that comes with it or the sheer thought that you can you can pass dirty messages to guy without feeling embarrassed. You can hide behind your phone to engage in dirty talk with a guy without having to worry about who sees how you blush.

However not all incidences of dirty talk that go down well which is mostly attributed to getting the basics of dirty talk wrong. You need to know how to talk dirty to a guy through sexting in order to create the intended impact which is creation of sexual tension and eventual anticipation.

Sexting Examples for Him

Try and Be Creative and Avoid Sounding Too Obvious… You can easily do this by being artistic when composing the dirty content. For instance instead of saying “I like the way you kiss me” you can say “I find irresistible the feel of your wet lips on my neck and the way you give me little bites on my earlobes. It makes me go wild”! Instead of saying “I love your muscular shoulders” try “I like the feel of your firm, powerful shoulders when you wrap your arms around my body“. You see! Using well thought out words to make dirty talk sound more sexy and intimate.

Sexting Examples for Him to Get His AttentionBe Explicit… Do not mince your words. Be clear and straight to the point to avoid ambiguity. For instance instead of sending him a text that reads” I love the way you touch me” you can be more explicit by texting “your tender touch makes me weak in the knees. It makes me tremble”. It is imperative to mention that if you know how to talk dirty to a guy through texting you will remain attractive to virtually any man as guys are naturally attracted to women who talk dirty.

Creatively Add Dirty Talk to an Everyday Activity… If you want to dirty talk a guy it is much easier if you add a dirty twist to an everyday activity that you are engaged in. For instance if you are at the shopping mall, you can send him a text that reads “hey Hun I am in the shopping mall and I have just spotted very sexy teddies”.

Send him that and wait for a couple of second to create expectancy then add the naughty twist to it by sending him another dirty text that reads “I am holding one of the sexy teddies that has a tiger print and it makes me wonder what animal you are when I am wearing a sexy teddy”. Now, that will create the necessary atmosphere for sexual anticipation.

sexting examples for himDirty texting a guy is fun especially if you get a corresponding response. It makes you learn how to please your man in a provocative way since he slowly lets you wander into his sexual desires and fantasy. As a woman who is seeking to build a strong exciting relationship with a guy, you need to embrace the dirty texting practice. You will love the impact it will have on him. Use the sexting examples for Him I have highlighted and He will love it!


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How to Use Detailed Sexting to a Guy

Sexting to a Guy

Some say the art of sexting is inborn while others claim that you have to learn it. Irrespective of which notion you decide to go with, detailed sexting to a guy is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do in a relationship. What holds may women back is the fear of being judged by their men.

Unlike the old days, it’s now even much easier to dirty talk your man thanks to the advent of mobile telephony. That Smartphone you’re holding in your hand could be the secret weapon that you have been ignoring to arouse your man’s sexual desire.

Below are simple and practical tips showing precisely how to use detailed sexting to a guy via text.

Detailed Sexting to a GuyStick to the Words that Work for You…
I must admit that we are all different. I may not have a problem sending my guy a certain word, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be comfortable using it. When talking to a guy using sexting messages, it is imperative to stick to what works for you.

You don’t have to use dirty words that you cannot utter using your mouth. Also, you should only send texts that will give you the desired results. It’s not advisable for you to keep on sending dirty texts that your boyfriend is not responding to the way you would want.

Master the Art of Waiting for a Response, One Word at a Time… Most women, particularly those you don’t know or are just learning how to send detailed sexting to a guy via text make one big mistake. They are not as patient as they should be. The art of dirty texting is all about being patient. It’s more or less like a wait and see game.

When you send him a text, don’t reply until he does. In doing so, you will never be caught off guard, and you will know which direction to steer the conversation. When you’re impatient, not only do you risk losing track of the conversation but you risk irritating him as well. Remember, one word at a time, and you will get what you want.

Focus on Him… One of the easiest ways to win your man over when sexting is to turn the spotlight on him. Make the whole conversation about him. Try as much as you can to make him feel flattered. I guess one of the reasons why you want to learn how to talk dirty to a guy via text is so that you can know his hidden sexual secrets and desires.

When the focus shifts on him, it is very easy for him to express himself. The man will tell you everything you want to know about his sexual desires if you show him that you’re really concerned about him. You can mention about how much you like his penis, and how you fantasize making love to him often.

Let Him Know What You’re Going to Do… The more you learn how to use detailed sexting to a guy, the easier it is for you to say what you want. If you’re at an advanced stage of talking dirty, you do know that telling a man what you will do to him instantly arouses his sex drive. The fact that you’re talking to your man through the phone gives you the leverage to say what you want without fear. Thus, use all the dirty phrases you’d want as long as they are working for you. Tease his brain to create sexual images of you.

Sexting Your GuyThe more you arouse him, the more the anticipation created. You should also remember that the reason you’re talking dirty to him in the first place is to make him attracted to you sexually. What a better way than giving him a hint of what awaits him when you meet.

How to Use Detailed Sexting to a Guy to Expose His Secret Obsession!

With a little creativity, it’s very easy to talk any guy into sex. All you have to do is have a wide variety of line to use on him. You should also know what to say when he uses certain words on you. In other words, the quest of learning how to talk dirty to a guy via texts starts by learning how to keep the conversation going. You might take comfort in the thought that men love dirty talk, so go ahead, and give it a shot.


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26 Examples of How to Sext a Guy

How to Sext a Guy Into a Sexual Frenzy!

Many of us would love to have hotter sex… a more intense orgasm, or want to improve our relationship. I guessing you want to know how to sext a guy to spice things up. Basically it’s all about using dirty texts to reveal our deeper sexual desires.

How to Sext a Guy

But if you’re like a lot of ladies you don’t want to come across as a slut or a bad girl. Sexts for Him are about getting Him to anticipate sex with you when you’re apart. Using these texts I have listed below is also a good way on how to make Him horny thru text!

Here’s 6 Sets of Sexting Examples to Turn a Guy On.

1] The first set on sexts for Him are “Request Sexts”.

* I really need you Right Now!

* What are you thinking while you’re masturbating?

* My breasts want your warm hands.

* I wish you were deep inside of me.

* Oh Baby…Stick it in my mouth.

* I want it ruff tonight.

2] The second set on how to sext a guy is “Fantasy Sexts”.
How to send fantasy sexts

* I would like to have my best friend join us tonight…

* I was a bad girl and need a spanking…

* I was getting wet imaging you masturbating in front of me…

* I was thinking about anal sex, wonder what it is like…

3] The third set is how to tease Him with texts.

Dirty Dialogue

* I’m in the Walmart washroom fingering myself…wishing it was your big cock teasing me!

* I just got out of the shower and my breasts are bouncing as I’m drying them.

* Was thinking it’s time we try something daring this weekend.

* I had a dream you nailed me in the parking lot….

4] Fourth is talking about some past memories.

* Last weekend was awesome…I came so many times.

* Remember when I licked you like a lollipop?

* The long weekend at my parents… What a rush when you nailed me while I watched Dad cut the grass.

5] Sending Him compliments via text.

* I can’t wait to see your hot sexy body again.

* I can’t stop thinking about you….I’m getting really wet again.

* I’m going nuts here…I need your cock!

* I just can’t stop thinking about you…I’m losing control!

Sometimes when you’re thinking about How to Sext a Guy you just don’t know what to say.

Well here’s some texts on How to make him horny thru text.

* Your naughty messages are making me so distracted!

* What cologne are you wearing?

* Tell me about your fantasies….

* Can’t wait till tonight…What do you want to do to me?

* Talk dirty to me….I love that!

How to sext a guy, is about how to make Him horny thru text….By using the right sexts on Him you can drive Him crazy! Now combine these naught texts with some sexy lingerie and applying some dirty talking and will turn your Guy into a raging sexual stallion….and I’m sure your OK with that!

Dirty Talk Banner 1

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Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver

Using Dirty Texts on Your Man….
Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver

I and my girlfriends decided to do an all-girls night out last weekend. We decided to have a girl talk, discuss our love live, our boyfriends and most importantly our sex lives. We sat on a round table ordered for some drinks and go right into the conversation.

How is sex with your man? One of my friends asked me. Great! I answered. “I discovered how to turn him on and make him want me and me alone”. I continued. How? The girl sitting next right to me asked.” I devised ways of creating sexual fantasies through dirty talk”and dirty texts I said.

I was beginning to sense that all of my friends were leading horrible sex lives with their boyfriends. “How do you even start talking dirty to your man? The third girl asked “aren’t you afraid that he will misjudge you and consider you a slut?” she continued. What was supposed to be a discussion was fast turning into a question and answers session with all the four girls asking me questions and waiting for answers from me.

Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverI decided that before the end of the night I will pass valuable information that was geared to improving each and everyone’s sex life. “You have to know your man, know his sexual desires and fantasies and work towards fulfilling them” I started. One of the proven methods that work like magic is dirty texts.

All men love engaging in dirty talk more so if you give them the slightest hint you want to initiate it. “If you want to make your man tremble over a dirty texts you have to lay emphasis on the timing” I told them. “That’s where it starts” I added. “You have to know when your man is free and when he is most likely to be at home doing nothing” I said to them.

Let me now give you a few examples of dirty texts that will make your man quiver:

· I can’t wait to be with you tonight.

· Do you like the way I make love to you?

· What’s the one thing about me that turns you on?

· You are my sex machine.

· You taught me how to make love; tonight I will show you how much I have learnt.


Dirty Texts That Will Make Your Man QuiverNaughty Text Messages to Send to a Guy…“Wow! That sounds very easy and creative” one of the girls said. I could read the amusement t on her face. “Is that all?” the girl sitting to my opposite direction asked. “There is so much to talk about dirty talk and dirty texts” I told her.

“Dirty texts are all about teasing a guy while complimenting him at the same time” I continued. “Try complimenting your guy about his physical qualities you like and you will be surprised about how easy it is to create sexual connection with your guy.

Here are some dirty text messages you can send a guy:

· I love your broad chest.

· I like the way you embrace with those powerful arms.

· Your six packs turn me on.

· Did I tell you that I find your eyes very sexy?

· There is something about your face that I find very sexy; is it that sexy pair of dimples or the sideburns?

“You see? Tell me which man won’t be fascinated by these dirty text messages?” I asked them. “None” they said in unison. I loved that I was having an impact in their sexual lives and I was not about to stop. I delved straight into the next topic.

Dirty texting to your man10 Dirty Text Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation…“If you want to be successful in having a dirty dialogue, you have to start on the right footing” I told them. “You have to be very careful at the words you choose to start a sexy conversation” I added. How you start is very important as it sets the pace for the rest of the conversation. You have to keep it as engaging as possible.

To help you through here are….

10 dirty text messages you can us to start a sexy conversation with your guy:

· Don’t do too much in the gym, save the energy for the night.

· What about me and you naked in the Jacuzzi.

· I am on my way to your place and I forgot to wear my bra.

· I am trying a thong at the shopping mall.

· I love your ass in that pair of tight jeans.

· If you bring the pole, I will pole dance for you.

· I had a very tiring day, I want a massage.

· My roommate is not around today; let’s have a party for two.

· I loved the kiss you gave me in the morning; I hope you will be here tonight to finishing what you started.

· I have no movies to watch tonight, what can we do in the dark?

Dirty talking texts

“All these are perfect lines to start a sexy conversation with your guy as you have noticed they all require an answer” I said.” Once you notice he is getting the hint from the way he responds, put your creativity hat on to keep the conversation flowing” I added.

How to Turn Your Boyfriend on with Text Messages…“I am starting to understand dirty talk and dirty text messages and how this phenomenon can help improve my sex life” said one of the girls. “I am glad that the message is passing across as intended” I retorted as I gave a broad smile to all of them.

“While I appreciate that it’s not that hard to talk dirty to my boyfriend over text, how do I makes sure that he gets turned on?” asked the girl sitting next to me. “That’s very easy as well”. Follow the following tips.

· Initiate the sexy conversation using the right words.

· Mean what you say and don’t use dirty text messages to play with his mind.

· Ensure that he actively participates in the conversation.

· Once he gets the gist, take the conversation to the next level by making it very steamy. This is done by using very evocative words to create the right imagination in his mind.

· Make sure that you finish strong. It’s not hard to know when he gets turned on; if he is very suggestive then you have succeeded to turn him on. Make sure the conversation ends in both of you touching your bodies. Don’t turn him on and leave him hanging.

It was past midnight and we all most leaving. “How can we thank you for the valuable information?” They asked. “You don’t have to thank me, that’s what friend s are for” I said. With all these information using naughty texts to create passion…lust and desire is now within your reach. As we parted way I couldn’t help but notice the glow on each of girls’ faces.

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Using Dirty Texts to Create Passion…Lust and Desire

Dirty Texts That Will Excite His Passion, Lust and Desire

Sending dirty texts to create passionDirty texts come in very many forms. Some of the words are full of excitement, desire and sensuality while others are plainly hot and steamy. You must be sure to use some dirty texts as well! Passion can be termed as a powerful or very compelling feeling while desire can be explained as a craving, want or some sort of sexual urge. Lust can be simply defined as a hankering of fleshy excitement

If you want to add exhilaration to your love life then it’s high time you started using dirty texts to create passion…lust and desire. That dirty talk is one if the surest ways to add naughtiness in your relationship cannot be overstated.

If you learn the art sending dirty texts to your boyfriend then you will soon discover that seduction is not about making someone do something they did not intend to do but rather enticing someone into doing what they had yearned to do. Seduction is one of the ways you can use to discover exactly what your man wants in bed, or what his most wild sexual fantasies are.

The art of dirty talk and dirty texts has a way of making a person let loose and discuss their inner most feeling. Dirty talk has been used since time immemorial to spice up things in a relationship. It has become even much easier to engage in dirty talk nowadays since all you need to do is get behind your phone and send your boyfriend a hot steamy text. The sensation that is “dirty texting” has been embraced by the young and the old alike.

It is an effortless tactic to keeping romance in a relationship burning. Every relationship is exciting when new, but even the hottest relationship will experience moments when the need to spruce up things becomes essential. Using dirty texts to create passion…lust and desire is dependent on how well you are conversant with what it takes to compose a really hot steamy text. Read on;

Drive Him Crazy For You With Dirty Texting

Dirty texts that excite HimNaughty Text Messages to Send to a Guy…Many women find themselves torn between the rock and hard place when it comes to sending their men dirty text messages. Most of them don’t know what to say and therefore end up not creating the intended sexual anticipation. Some end up sending the wrong impression to their boyfriends as they come across as sluts. To help you through here is a list of some dirty texts you can send your boyfriend or any other guy for that matter:

· I want to lie on shoulders tonight.

· Baby you love me so tender, but today I am bored because you have not given it me for a week now. Please come and make love to me.

· My heart is racing; just say the words and I will give you anything you want.

· The dinner is ready, but I am sure you would want to have the desert first.

· The doctor said that I can’t have sugar. I don’t have to worry; I would rather have you, Honey!

· I want to play with my favorite toy when the darkness sets in.

Dirty texts to make Him desire youTexts That Will Make Your Man Quiver…It’s not about just ordinary dirty texts. It’s about sending him dirty texts so hot that will get him weak in the knees and really turned on. It doesn’t matter whether you have been with a man for ten years or you have just men him or it’s just a random guy you are having a crush on. You can use dirty texts to create passion…lust and desire on any man since men generally love dirty talk.

Dirty talking texts

The more you engage in dirty talk with a guy the more the misses you, the more you make him want to be with you. Check out these dirty texts that will make you man weak in the knees:

Make Him Weak With Desire With These Dirty Text Message!

· Give it to me until I can’t take it anymore.

· Do me like you have never done before.

· I want you inside me; I can hold it any more.

· We don’t need a reason for you to lay me down, we just need a place.

· I wouldn’t mind giving you a quickie before you go back to work.

Dirty texts to get Him excited fast10 Dirty Text Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation…How do you ensure that you don’t start a sexy conversation only for it to go bad? The answer lies in not only knowing what to say but how to rely it to your boyfriend so that it has an instant impact. If you want to have a successful sexual conversation, start by asking a question that you are sure will set in the right mood for a steamy conversation. It always works; trust me.

Ask dirty questions on what you man would want you to do to him, what you would want him to do to you, or flirt with him about his physical attributes.

Here are 10 Examples Of Hot Dirty Texts

· How are you sexy?

· If I was there what would you do with my lips?

· Guess what I am thinking about (tell him that you are thinking about his sexy body).

· Do I fulfill your sexual needs baby?

· Is it just me or you like doing me from behind?

· I am touching myself, help me cum.

· It’s really cold, come make love to me.

· Imagine me giving you a massage and later a hand job, you would love it. Wouldn’t you?

· Get dirty with me Hun.

· What is it you wished I did to you in bed more often?

There is so much that can be said about dirty text messages and how to turn your boyfriend on with text messages. It is all about being ingenious when using dirty texts to create passion….lust and desire. Know what excites your guy sexually and will have a relatively easy time when engaging in dirty talk with him.

Don’t be afraid that he won’t respond in a positive way if you have never done it with him again. If you are doing for the first time, you may want to hold a brief conversation with him about sending dirty texts to him. It is also important to mention that guys are sometimes afraid to start dirty conversations with their women for the same fear as women; being misjudged.

Dirty talk and dirty text messages are healthy components of a relationship and should be encouraged in any relationship.

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10 Dirty Text Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation

 Using Dirty Text Messages in a Sexy Way

Dirty text messages for HimMost of us are engaged in daily activities that leave us with little or no time to talk to our boyfriends over the phone and most importantly send Him some dirty text messages. Most women have adopted texting as a way of keeping up with what is happening in their guy’s lives. Dirty texts can encourage attraction between two people and can increase intimacy in a relationship.

Dirty and naughty texts are part and parcel of every relationship to keep alive goals that most couples have. Dirty text messages are a perfect addition to a relationship when the initial excitement has died down. They can be used to rekindle romance in addition to keeping the spark between you and your boyfriend alive.

You don’t have to keep dirty text messages complicated. Try and keep them as self-explanatory as you can. While it may not be difficult to compose dirty messages, using them to start a sexy conversation is a bit challenging and requires some tact. Before we look at 10 dirty text messages to start a sexy conversation, let’s look at of essential things you should know.

2 Tips For Sending Dirty Text Messages

Don’t do it Every day…It is important to stay fresh and unpredictable with dirty text messages. You must keep this in mind when starting a dirty conversation through messaging. If you keep sending dirty texts to your boyfriend every day, then the whole exercise might lose its power to amuse and turn on your boyfriend.

A good strategy to employ is to do it once or twice every week. Make sure that every message he receives is a pleasant surprise. This way you will always sound fresh and it’s easy to keep him interested in dirty talk.

Be Naughty and Nice at the Same Time…Just like mentioned above, you need to make sure that the content of you dirty messages varies. If you send him a text today of what you are going to do with him in bed, then you can send him a text that is less suggestive the next time you start a sexy conversation. By using content that varies, your man will never know what to expect.

Below are 10 dirty text messages to start a sexy conversation

Dirty texts to start a conversation· I have seen something hot that has made me think of you.

· Which underwear would you like to see me in tonight?

· Would you get mad if you learnt that I made out with a girl?

· I don’t know what has come over me; I just want to have sex

· Would you have sex with me in public?

· I am so damn horny; I wish you here.

· Tonight I plan to wear the short dress that you love.

· If you were to choose between oral and anal sex for the rest of your life what would be your choice.

· What would you say if I suggested we spend the whole Sunday in bed having sex?

· What is the dirtiest thought that has ever crossed your mind when we are together?

You notice that these text messages to send to a guy are composed of very naughty and mild messages. This is a very powerful tactic to get your man’s attention towards starting a sexy conversation.

How To Turn Your Boyfriend on with Text Messages…Starting a sexy conversation is not enough to make your guy turned on. You have to keep the conversation flowing. The more he gets involved, the more explicit you become. Nonetheless it’s not a daunting task to arouse your man through text messages. Making him yearn for your body is as simple as sending him dirty texts that will make him quiver. Let’s now look at how to do it and what to say.

Really Excite Him With Your Dirty Texts

Dirty texts to tell Him He's sexyRemind Him That He is Sexy…There is nothing that turns on a guy like telling him that is sexy and that you really love his body. Telling him that he is sexy goes a long way in making him feel good at himself which by extension means heightened levels of confidence. You can concentrate on his physique or how good and sexy he looks in a certain outfit

Tell Him You are Naked…This is a very powerful dirty text that will turn on virtually any man. It makes him imagine of how you look when naked. You can assist him in his imagination by using more descriptive words like “I am butt naked” or “I am from the shower and very wet” and such like phrases.

Tell Him You are Horny…Text any guy telling him you are horny and the first thing that comes to his mind is how he could satisfy you needs right there and then. You can go ahead and initiate foreplay to arouse him. You can send him a text saying something like “the thought of you beside me turns me on” or just plainly tell him you are horny.

Ask Him a Mischievous Question…If you are stuck on what to say to turn him on, you can always ask him a naughty question that will leave him tuned on. Start by being mild then be more explicit as the conversation heats up. You can start by asking “ which part of me turns you on?” then follow that with a dirty text reading something like” would like to come and suck my boobs right now?”

Dirty texts with a naughty picture for HimSend Him a Naughty Picture…Send him a nude picture and you will get him aroused very easily. If you are really shy about sending him a naked picture of yourself you can send him a suggestive picture with a very naughty caption. You can send him a funny cartoon displaying his favorite sex positions. If you don’t want to go nude send him a picture of your thigh or a cleavage. That will send his blood running and within no time he will be really turned. It is easy

to turn a man on through naked pictures since men are physical creatures and are quickly enticed by what they see.

Dirty texts are widely becoming acceptable world over as a way of adding eroticism to a relationship. If you know how to do it using dirty texts to create passion…..lust and desire may not sound like something very difficult. It is important that you embrace “sexting” because that the way most couples are using nowadays to keep the intimacy at an all-time high in their relationships. The above mentioned 10 dirty texts to start a sexy conversation are certainly enough to help you start “sexting” you guy right way.

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How to Turn Your Boyfriend On With Text Messages

What are The Best Text Messages to Turn Your Boyfriend On?

How to Turn Your Boyfriend On With Text Messages“Is it possible to turn my boyfriend on with text messages? “A friend of mine asked me recently. “Yes, it is quite easy to turn on your boyfriend on with text messages if you know what to say” I said in response.

You have to start by making him feel good about himself by flattering him. If you make a man feel good about the way he looks for instance, you will not only get love in return but you will have succeeded in making him want to be with you for long. You have to be very careful with the words when it comes to turning on your boyfriend on with text messages. You have to lay the right strategy in order to keep the conversation flowing.

How to Really Turn Your Boyfriend on with Dirty Texts

Start by establishing how he is doing and most importantly where he is. This is very crucial since it helps you know how to start the dirty conversation. If you man is working for instance you can ask him “Hun what time will be home?” This will keep him guessing what it is you want to do with him when he gets home. Be sure that he will send you a text immediately the leaves his work place and it’s upon you to create the necessary anticipation before he gets to the house.

Start with what I like to call “mild” dirty text messages as way of testing the waters and intensify the dirty talk as you get deeper into it. It is important to test the waters as it helps you establish whether your boyfriend is ready for dirty talk. The best way to ensure that he always gives you positive feedback is by spacing the number of times you engage in dirty talk with him.

Make sure that each and every dirty talk ends in something very sensual. After you have managed to turn him on through texts you can take it a notch higher by calling him over and engage in “phone sex”. This is done as the ultimate killer punch to make him achieve orgasm.

Call him over and start groaning over the phone to make him imagine what it would be like if he was there with you. You can use phrase like “oh yeah” or “I like that” kind of phrases. Make sure that he is really turned on and is most likely masturbating.

Naughty texts to Turn Your Boyfriend On10 Dirty  Messages to Start a Sexy Conversation…It is not possible to talk about how to turn your boyfriend on with text messages without citing various examples of dirty text messages to start a steamy conversation with your boyfriend.

This will give ideas on what to say when it comes to setting the right stage for a very hot exchange with your man.

While it may sound like turning on your man through text messages is a daunting task, it is important to mention that all it takes is seducing your guy to establish sexual expectation in addition creating the right images in his mind.


Here is a list of 10 dirty messages to start a steamy conversation with your man:

· I am in nothing but your t-shirt.

· Did I make you horny last night when I sent you that dirty text?

· Please tell me I am your sexual fantasy.

· Do you remember the first night we had sex?

· Breakfast in bed; how does that sound?

· What was that look on your face when you reached orgasm in the morning.

· If you get here I know I will be satisfied.

· You have never told me what is your favorite sex position.

· Which is you favorite pornographic movie.

· I wish I knew you earlier; I was missing out on great sex!

There is a belief among some women that all you need to do to start a sexy conversation with any man is tell him a naughty phrase and he will be more than willing to engage in a sexy conversation. This notion is somewhat true. If you don’t trust me, send him any of the above dirty text and you will like the kind of responses you get.

Use texts to sexually arouse your boyfriendDirty Texts That Will Make Your Man Quiver…You have him where you want him to be. He is responding to your dirty texts instantly which mean that you have succeeded in starting a sexy conversation. But did you know that starting a sexy conversation alone is not enough to make him quiver? As a matter of fact, it is easier to start a sexy conversation than maintaining it.

Maintaining a sexual conversation with a man calls for having enough knowledge in using dirty texts to create passion…lust and desire. It is requires skills to keep him entertained while at the same time making him long for your body. It is about getting really dirty with a man if you want him to tremble over dirty text messages.

Here are a few very explicit dirty text messages to a guy to leave him sexually thrilled:

· I love your cock, perfectly sized for me.

· Its rather hot today, a glass of you would cool me down.

· Sex with you is the best ever.

· I am really missing you between my legs.

· I am naked in front of the mirror and my body is calling for you.

· Will you lick my body tonight?

· I will give you a hand job tonight and I am sure you will love it.

That dirty talk is essential in every relationship needs no emphasis. Sending dirty sex messages is part and parcel of modern relationships, therefore encompassing it in your relationship is very paramount. If you learn dirty texts to send to a guy, then you can rest assured that you will have him around your arms for very long. For those women who may have a problem knowing what to say, a romantic novel or movie would come in very handy.

You can also ask your man what are his sexual desires and fantasies and compose dirty text messages that revolve around that. You don’t have to feel awkward when having a naughty conversation with your man through text messages. Use dirty text messages to continually seduce your man as this is will keep his attraction towards you intact.

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